Made in India: VioGreen chem-free violet CTP plates from TechNova

TechNova’s VioGreen plates are a part of TechNova E.D.G.E., the company’s initiative towards crafting a holistic experience aligning with sustainability and customer requirements, Amit Khurana of TechNova Imaging Systems, tells Rahul Kumar

30 Sep 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

VioGreen plates seamlessly integrate with various printing machines and newsprints while remaining compatible with both conventional and UV inks

In a world increasingly attuned to environmental consciousness, companies are recognising the importance of crafting holistic experiences aligning with sustainability and customer requirements. TechNova has risen to this challenge by offering the TechNova E.D.G.E. (an initiative that encapsulates Excellence in all business processes; Digital solutions that propel automation, precision, and seamless workflows; Green solutions fostering sustainable goals; and the Ecosystem of consumables, equipment, software and services).

According to Amit Khurana, deputy CEO, offset and digital print solutions, TechNova Imaging Systems, this transformative approach surpasses the realm of products and services, ushering in an unprecedented level of customer engagement. 

He adds, “A longstanding partnership of over 50 years between TechNova and the Indian printing industry forms the bedrock of the TechNova E.D.G.E.. As the industry grapples with evolving challenges, TechNova stands resolute as a local manufacturer with a global perspective, delivering tailor-made solutions that address the distinctive demands of the Indian printing industry.”

Dedicated to sustainability 
The TechNova E.D.G.E. offers an array of innovations and enhancements across its spectrum, ensuring an ongoing evolution of the customer experience. 

This dedication to sustainability is palpable through its unveiling of the next-generation chemistry-free violet CTP plates designed for extra-long runs. These plates seamlessly integrate with various printing machines and newsprints while remaining compatible with both conventional and UV inks. 

Expanding this eco-conscious array is the introduction of the thermal process-less CTP plate Kratos, a clean, lean and green solution streamlining the printing process and minimising environmental impact, Khurana says.

He adds that in close collaboration with customers, TechNova extends the life cycle of violet plate-setters through specially designed life extension kits, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. Moreover, TechNova offers an extensive range of violet engines from Eco3 and Krause, serving as replacements for end-of-life (EOL) devices.

Workflow brilliance and software precision  
Automation workflows introduced by TechNova enhance efficiency, while software solutions elevate print quality. A prime example is the innovative Spiral screening, boosting print sharpness. Meanwhile, soft proofing software simulates press and substrate properties on-screen, ensuring precision throughout the printing process.
“Going beyond tangible products, the TechNova E.D.G.E. encompasses value-added services. A digitised supply chain empowers customers to track ordered materials in real time. The vendor-managed inventory (VMI) for large accounts ensures that the plates are available just in time, significantly reducing inventory carrying costs,” Khurana said. “TechNova’s commitment to environmental stewardship is underscored by its eco-technology-based effluent treatment plants (ETP) and solvent treatment plants (STP). Moreover, TechNova is on the cusp of introducing contemporary tools to measure and reduce overall carbon footprints, cementing its dedication to sustainable practices.

TechNova’s dedication to the Indian printing industry also shines through its advisory services, offering audits, training and consultancy in safety, health, environment and energy conservation.

Adapting to changing consumption patterns  
“The adaptability of the TechNova E.D.G.E. to dynamic consumption trends is evident through solutions like the next-generation chemistry-free violet plate for extended runs, green founts and washes, and screening software. These solutions seamlessly adapt to ever-changing customer needs” Khurana explains.

The TechNova E.D.G.E. seamlessly melds with digitised supply chains, presenting offerings, such as VMI and forthcoming carbon audit tools. These enhancements not only elevate the supplier experience but also underscore TechNova’s dedication to a comprehensive printing ecosystem.

A hallmark of TechNova’s dedication to sustainability is its unwavering focus on green products within the E.D.G.E. framework. 

A prime illustration is the VioGreen Plus, chemistry-free violet CTP plates. These plates hold immense significance for the Indian newspaper industry's ecological journey, drastically reducing carbon footprints by eliminating water usage, curtailing chemical effluents and facilitating energy and maintenance cost savings.

Since the adoption of VioGreen Plus plates in 2014, the Indian newspaper industry has achieved remarkable milestones. Over nine years, 192-million litres of water have been saved, with an annual average of 27.33-million litres. Chemical effluents have been curtailed by 15.36-lakh litres in nine years, with an ongoing annual reduction of 2.19-lakh litres. Energy and maintenance costs amounting to Rs 23-crore have been saved over nine years, with an annual conservation of Rs 3.30-crore.

Khurana says, TechNova E.D.G.E. stands as an extraordinary example of how a company can elevate the customer experience. “It’s not confined to products alone; rather, it embodies a comprehensive transformation underpinned by excellence, digital prowess, green consciousness and an integrated ecosystem. Through an unwavering focus on sustainability, efficiency and innovation, TechNova has etched an indomitable E.D.G.E., harmonising perfectly with the challenging needs of the Indian printing industry and the broader global impetus towards a greener horizon."

He adds, "TechNova's commitment to customer-first engagement radiates through the multifaceted brilliance of the E.D.G.E., setting new benchmarks for the future of the printing industry."

Customer testimonials 
We use TechNova’s VioGreen plates in all of our major printing centres. They are more ecologically friendly, use less water, and require less maintenance. Consequently, we address the issue of sustainability while simultaneously saving money. This, I believe, is the way ahead for the newspaper industry.
Snehasis Roy,
The Times of India

We were among the first newspapers to start using TechNova's VioGreen Plus plates. Now, these plates are used at 90% of our 51 print locations. These plates have helped us save water and energy and cut chemical discharge. The need of the hour is to focus on green and environmentally friendly printing technologies like the VioGreen plates.
Dinesh Sharma,
Dainik Bhaskar

TechNova has been a wonderful partner for the newspaper industry over so many years. They have initiated so many projects to address the issue of environmental pollution and VioGreen Plus plates are one of them. These plates help newspapers cut chemical discharge and save costs.
Bhasi PT,

We began using the VioGreen Plus plates about four years ago and are very happy with the performance. They are being used at all our print locations. We have also started trialing the latest version of VioGreen plates at one of our locations.
Somnath Guha,