Made in India: The ArrowJet Aqua 330R

Sam Patel, CEO and managing director, Arrow Digital explains to Rahul Kumar how its ArrowJet Aqua 330R for digital label printing is a value-for-money product, which offers single- pass aqueous high-speed, high-resolution output

10 Aug 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

The ArrowJet Aqua 330R, the latest offering from Arrow Digital for digital label printing, boasts CMYK single- pass water-based pigment inkjet technology. Utilising Memjet’s DuraFlex technology, the ArrowJet Aqua 330R prints high-resolution labels, flexible packaging, and much more at speeds up to 150-m/min.

The machine was launched last year. Sam Patel, CEO and managing director, Arrow Digital, says, “We would have loved to launch it in an exhibition, but due to the current situation, we are showcasing it through virtual/live demos from our demo centre.

According to Patel, the ArrowJet Aqua 330R is for all companies, which are in need of short to medium runs, and soon long runs as well. “On-demand printing of flexible packaging is growing and we intend to capitalise on this with the aqueous pigment inks. It is for a wide array of customers, brands with in-house print capacity, and for existing flexo and gravure printers who are in need of on-demand and have to meet strict deadlines of product launches or testing/sampling and so on,” he explains.

The machine can handle a wide array of applications, including labels, shelf tags, tickets, duplex cartons, flexible packaging and much more. “We have several customers who are working on applications that were not possible before on any other platform,” Patel says.

In the industry for decades, and with a zeal to bring the new wave of transformation, Arrow Digital, today, has become a market leader in supplying a broad spectrum of materials and equipment for the digital printing and finishing space in India. The company also represents technology leaders such as Efi-Vutek, Kornit Digital, Kongsberg, Gerber, Fotoba, Fletcher, Massivit3D, Kerajet, and others. It also has a demo/R&D centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat that is utilised by some of the most respected brands in the industry.

The technology
The ArrowJet Aqua 330R is powered with Memjet’s DuraFlex printhead technology, providing the benefits of digital printing as well as enhanced durability and fast speeds by using aqueous pigment inkjet technology. The digital workflow adds the flexibility to change designs on the fly, print-on-demand, implement variable data and make colour alterations without changing inks, plates, or tooling. “Plus, using an aqueous pigment-based inkjet ink provides greater substrate compatibility and durability; and due to its low migration characteristics, it is ideal for various packaging applications,” says Patel.

It is a single-pass digital inkjet printer, which prints with 1,600 x 1,600 dpi resolution, wide colour gamut, with the high durability benefits of water-based pigmented inks. This technology prints on some uncoated media and also on low-coated media than other single-pass dye-based ink sets. Patel says that ROI is one of the key features of the machine, and thus, it is well in sync with the Indian market. “It is the most cost-effective product in the market for short runs. You can use it for sampling as well as medium-sized production,” he says, adding, “Everyone wants to go digital eventually, but due to high cost of entry, this was difficult in the past.

We know what it takes to convert the analogue industry to digital, as we have done it in other segments over the years. Thus, this product not only complements existing infrastructure but also opens new markets and applications for the customer.” While the product was launched recently, Patel says, the company has received good response from the market.

Patel explains, “It is a single-pass economical aqueous high-speed, high-resolution digital printer. Its water-based pigment inks have low migration and thus, important for food labels, flexible packaging. It also has a wide range of options for printing media.” He reiterates that the unique characteristics of the product are the aqueous pigmented inkjet inks, which are sustainable and safe for the environment. “At Arrow, we believe in selling sustainable products that contribute to keeping the environment safe and healthy,” he adds.

The ArrowJet Aqua 330R roll-to- roll is integrated with ChromaPlex LT inkjet print engine. This enables high-resolution printing. It uses the latest, single Memjet printhead, designed for CMYK. It has easy-to- use touch panels for easy access to the operator. It has an automated edge guide with an Inline splicing station. It is built with high capacity, servo-driven unwind/rewind – large OD rolls of up to 19 inches. The anti- static bars work effectively during high-speed printing. It also has optional near-infrared drier, and a easy to use RIP and much more. The ArrowJet can maintain peak resolutions of 1,600 x 1,600 dpi at speeds up to 27.4 m/min or 1,600 x 954 dpi at 45.7 m/min.

Patel says while the Indian market remains price-sensitive, now people are adapting to the concept and are getting involved in green technologies. “More people are shifting to digital printing, and the industry is getting the education to opt for sustainable products even if it is a bit more expensive,” he says, adding, “Just-in-time and customised production is mainstream now. More importantly, lack of skilled labour in the analogue industry makes it really difficult for printers.”

Arrow has a team of trained professionals who provide service support to customers 24/7. “We support our customers and educate end-users as well, in embracing these disrup-tive technologies, hand-holding throughout the learning curve,” says Patel. Whatever products Arrow sell, the company offers a complete hands-on training on-site as well as at its demo centre. “We keep training operators at frequent intervals, so they are well-versed with the product,” he adds.

According to Patel, customisation is a trend in the market. Brands are opting for print-on- demand, so that they can try various designs before launching a product. Digital printing makes it easier to customise packaging and add personalisation to a product. “There is no one-size-fits-all in personalised packaging. Companies are shifting more towards honest product labelling. The trend is all about trust and honesty and does help in creating a great impact. With digital printing, you can play with colours, designs and even try gradations. Moreover, sustainability is the priority of all brands and all this is easily possible with digital printing," Patel concludes.


  • Premium print speed: 90-ft/min with resolution1600×1600-dpi
  • Normal print speed:150-ft/min with resolution1600×954-dpi
  • Max print width:12.75-inches
  • Colours: CMYK Single PH
  • Ink supply: Two or 10 litre tank