Made in India: Multi Max Auto from Vallava Graphic Machinery

Mumbai-based Vallava Graphic Machinery has come up with a high-speed office file-making machine which can produce any type of files, Murugan S Nadar, managing director of the company, explains to Rahul Kumar

16 Dec 2019 | By PrintWeek Team

Multi Max Auto: 25 machines installed in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Qatar and the African countries

Mumbai-based Vallava Graphic Machinery, which has developed 20 different types of successful machines in the last six years, has recently forayed into the manufacturing of packaging machinery, and introduced Multi Max Auto. It’s a high-speed office file-making machine where a single machine can produce any type of files used.

Aimed at the manufacturers of stationery items, the machine was launched in 2017.

According to Murugan S Nadar, managing director, Vallava Graphic Machinery, until a decade or so, no such machine was available in India as the file-making process in the country was usually manual. “Keeping this in mind, we have developed machines to suit different budgets, including the one with maximum high speed,” Nadar explains.

Making files
Nadar says, the world over, no single machine can convert all types of Indian files like folder tag, spring files and box files. “But we have developed a single machine which can punch and crease all types of Indian and international files standards,” he says.

Vallava has so far supplied 25 machines in India and in countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Qatar and the African countries. The Indian clients include Navneet Publications, Anupam Stationery, Sundaram Stationery, Camlin India, and Seema Paper Product, among others. The overseas customers include JRK International in Sri Lanka; Himal Paper in Nepal and Sulaiman Media in Qatar.

Nadar says for such a machine, customers usually look for fast production and better quality besides saving on labour cost. “The machine is mechanically operated and is a user-friendly PLC for multi-production on single machine,” he adds. It can produce spring file, tag file, clip file, with rado box file, without rado box file, d-ring file, and voucher file, among others.

The Multi Max Auto can produce 400 to 500-pieces per hour which, Nadar says, ultimately helps customers to meet the market demand.
Nadar says the machine is operator-friendly and requires just one person. The company provides free training to operators upon the installation of this one of its kind machine in India.
“We have a well-organised service set up all over India with more than 30 technicians,” Nadar says.

Making in Mumbai
Boasting a team of experienced engineers, Vallava depends on innovative designs, and heavy-duty constructions to ensure consistent quality and dynamic technology. Established in 2012, and located in Vasai, Mumbai, the company offers 45 different types of machinery to more than 500 valued customers.

Nadar has more than 25 years of shopfloor experience, and the company has a 30-people strong technical team.

The company’s range of offering includes case-maker machine, joint-forming machine, automatic exercise notebook wire stitching machine, edge squaring machine, office file-making file master machine and automatic board-to-board pasting machine.Vallava has installed more than 200 machines since its inception.

“Until 2018, we focused on post-press and stationery manufacturing machines. Now, the company is planning to enter the packaging post-press market segment with high-speed board pasting machine; high-speed hot foil stamping machine and several file finishing automations,” Nadar says.

“We have five new machines under development. The star among them is the centre stitching note-making machine with cover-pasting machine,” he concludes