Made in India: LED UV system from SASG UV Solutions

The LED UV system consumes about 70% less power than a conventional Mercury UV system, and it is zero maintenance as well as heat-sensitive, Anil Saini of SASG UV Solutions explains to Rahul Kumar

27 Sep 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Faridabad-based SASG UV Solutions, offers LED UV systems, which can be customised as per machine size and specification. The company uses LED diode with multi-wavelength 385- and 395-nm, which help dry any kind of LED UV inks and varnishes. 

Beside UV LED system, SASG UV Solutions manufactures water-cooled UV system, anilox coating attachment, UV coating machine, UV dryer for printing industry, automobile industry and industrial chillers, among others.

The printing curing and coating manufacturing company recently shifted its production facility from New Delhi to Faridabad. According to Anil Saini of SASG UV Solutions, the new facility, spread over 1,150-sqm, is located in Sector 59, Faridabad, and has 45 employees. 

In the new facility, the company has the capacity to manufacture 30 machines per months. This shows 30% rise from its previous productivity. 

The curing business
Saini says the company is seeing a great potential for UV LED in India as it saves power and it is environment-friendly. 

The SASG UV systems can be used for printing on paper, metPET, PET and PP as well as UV coating and hybrid coating on surface. It is available for processes like inline six-colour and coater and offline two-colour machine. 

Aimed at saving power and offering customers an eco-friendly option to conventional Mercury UV systems, the company is into LED UV business since 2017. 

“Our system consumes about 70 % less power than conventional Mercury UV system. Plus, it has a better life, is zero maintenance as well as heat-sensitive,” Anil Saini, SASG UV Solution, said.

“Basically, UV LED 65% has less heat compared to the Mercury system. In one word, our system is economic and safe.”
So far, the company has installed 80 LED UV systems in India and abroad. Some of its Indian customers include Prakash Industry, Kanpur; Ashoka Printers, Kanpur; Color India, Kanpur; Naveen

Print & Pack, Kanpur; Gayatri Innovation, Delhi; Sai Ram Creation, Delhi; Print Best Creation, Delhi; Saransh Graphic, Delhi; UGS Publications, Meerut; Pack It, Indore; Gandhi Traders, Indore; Gupta Publishing House, Indore; Pradipam Offset, Ahmedabad; Diamond Printing Press, Jaipur; Vinayak Printers, Ludhiana; BC Packwell, Ludhiana; Volga Printers, Ludhina; Sarswati Printers, Kolkata; RK Imaging, Kolkata, and Blize Printers, Roorkee.

Saini says usually in the case of UV printing, printers face the problem like shut down, lack of 100% cure, lack of rubbing resistance, tape fail and nail fail. “But SASG LED UV system doesn’t have such kind of problems. 

He adds the USP of the SASG LED UV system includes multi-wavelengths and focusing lens at each diode. The life of diode is 25,000 working hours. “The beads are repairable and replaceable,” he adds, “All the beads are mounted on copper PCB and fixed at 260 degrees Celsius temperature.”

The components of the system include LED UV module, and controller synchronised with master press and chiller. 

Using LED UV
Saini says LED UV consumes 60% less power compared to Mercury UV and 30% less compared to HUV. At the same time, LED UV emits 65% less heat as compared to Mercury and HUV. Again, LED UV is zero maintenance and user-friendly. 

The entire SASG LED UV system comes with a PLC base and has a single touchscreen system. “It’s synchronised with the master machine and has lot of safety parameters like instant on/off , water flow switch, fire sensor, phase failure, emergency off, over heat protection at less than 70 degrees celsius,” Saini says.

A single SASG LED UV system can dry the four-colour inks at 12,000-sph. The company offers 10,000 working hours warranty depending on the conditions. 

Customer testimonial

We have installed SASG LED UV solutions in July 2018. Its LED UV solutions are functioning well and economical too. We have installed two LED UV lamps from SASG on our new Komori five colour 20x30-inch printing press. SASG provides best after-sales services whenever we require. We went for LED UV solutions because it reduces energy consumption which directly reduces our expenses on power and curing speed is much faster than conventional UV. Right now, we are using the LED UV solution for our requirements in packaging and commercial printing.
Sharad Mittal, general manager, Digital Print & Pack


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