Made in India: Colorjet’s Polo HQ

Launched during Sign India 2018, Colorjet’s new offering Polo HQ, an eco-solvent wide-format printer with AIVC Technology, is a strong industrial product, Smarth Bansal, DGM, product management, Colorjet India, explains to Rahul Kumar

31 Aug 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Colourjet's Polo HQ

Polo HQ from Colorjet is an eco-solvent printer with independent drive technology which enables users to print 3.2m wide media at the speed of 1,175sq/ft/hr. According to Smarth Bansal, DGM, product management, Colorjet India, says Polo HQ is the fastest printer in its segment.

Bansal says the wide-format printer for signage applications prints multiple media with piezoelectric printheads which allows more control over the shape and size of ink droplet release. The tiny fluctuations in the crystal allow for smaller droplet sizes and hence higher nozzle density.

Also, unlike with thermal technology, the ink does not have to be heated and cooled between each cycle. This saves time, and the ink itself is tailored more for its absorption properties than its ability to withstand high temperatures. This allows more freedom for developing new chemical properties in printing inks.

Bansal says the machine is for print service providers who are looking for high speed eco-solvent wide-format printer with high quality. “We offer high quality print production at just Rs 1 extra with speed of 1,175sq/ft an hour. The high quality print production and high speed will help our customers grow their businesses,” he said.

Brand Colorjet
Colorjet has installed more than 400 wide-format printers across the world, including countries like Saudi Arabia, Greece, Australia, Dubai, Egypt, Kenya and of course, India, which contributes to 80% of the market. Nine Blinq, Streamline Communication, MC Studio, Siddhakash Digital World are among the customers who have already installed Polo HQ.

“Our customers generally look at production speed, print quality, print heads, printing ink type and price. Also successful installations in the same market give them the confidence,” Bansal adds.

With the machine, signage printers can also print wallpapers since the printing inks are RoHS compliant. The kit is also useful for other applications like car wrap, backlit, frontlit, in shop, out shop, standees and others.

According to Bansal, the environment-friendly Polo HQ offers RoHS complaint odourless Japanese printing ink with two-year outdoor life. “The Polo is based on AIVC technology for consistent print performance by maintaining constant jetting conditions even in varying environmental conditions. Polo HQ can be upgraded from four to eight printing heads,” Bansal says.

The technology
The unique features of the kit includes intelligently controlled take-up system for winding of media and feeding system for fabric printing, a motorised dual roller feed system with ratchet ensures minimal space requirement for loading and unloading media.

Components of the machine includes the body which is made with industrial grade heavy duty frame to reduce vibration while maintaining high speed; individual head purging system to clean individual head to avoid link wastage; piezoelectric on-demand inkjet print head suited for industrial applications by Konica Minolta; sectioned vacuum bed and adjustable vacuum power to keep media flat and wrinkle free which ensures consistent print quality and low wastage and equipped with IR heater and controllable drying fan which shortens print-to-application time.

Bansal says this particular technology is unique and owned by Colorjet. “Our research and development team was working for the last two years to achieve this product. It runs on Onyx ripping and print workflow software and it is the market leader in powerful and reliable wide format and grand format,” he explains.

About the consumables, he says printing ink is main consumable in wide format printing and the company provides it. “We provide RoHS complaint odourless ink with two-year outdoor life; non-polluting aqueous-based inks; wider colour gamut of inks for vibrant colour prints; high density colours for higher coverage per litre; fast drying printing inks and optimised for best performance and longevity of print heads,” he adds.

Industrial application
It can print on most of the available substrates like vinyl, flex, fabric, paper and others at the speed up to 1,175sq/ft an hour. There is nothing typical in the operation of this machine and a printer can manage as he manages his other wide-format printers. “We frequently conduct operator training in our manufacturing plant in Noida and sometimes at customers’ site as well. We are working towards installing more than 100 machines by the end of this year,” Bansal says.

Made in India
Every Colorjet printer is built from 100% galvanised steel (the same steel that is used for automobiles). This undergoes heat treatment processes to relieve residual stress ensures that Colorjet printers are sturdy and last longer.

Every Colorjet printer intelligently built to ensure accuracy of every micron between printheads and printbed. The company calls it printelligence.

Colorjet printers have functional structures designed and manufactured from aeronautical - grade hard-anodised aluminium to ensure industrial-quality build and accurate centre of gravity and rigidity.

Every component carefully chosen and technology integrated for optimal performance from concept to design to prototype to production stages. Colorjet OptiValue Build principles invoked at all stages.

Every Colorjet printer undergoes a unique 8-stage preparation process of design, chemical treatment, powder coating and paint. All processes ensure colour adhesion and anti-corrosion.

Colorjet auditors check every machine through QA processes to ensure error-free performance. Zero-error body enables rigid and compact machines that feel like new for years.

Colorjet printers use the highest standard of aluminium and CNC creates every part to ensure extreme dimensional accuracy and performance.

Customer testimonial

We have been associated with Colorjet for the past couple of years. I must say the machine has given us outstanding quality with high speed. It has helped us cater to all the needs for some of my clients like Paul Smith, Michele Kors, Emporia Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. My business is growing at a fast pace and this has been possible because of Colorjet’s consistent support and after-sale services over the years.

Haresh Rawat Nine Blinq, Mumbai