M Rajnarayanan: Flexible packaging jobs by narrow-web are rising

According to M Rajnarayanan of KS Inctech says, the delay of shipments is going to be a big challenge in 2021 as it is set to affect the imports. He says, "It is important that we maintain the supplies."

20 Jan 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

M Rajnarayanan, KS Inctech

2020 in review
It was a pretty good year for us. We had a growth of 15-20%. There was a major setback in April 2020, and since we supply inks for the pharmaceutical industry as well for the washing and cleaning solutions, like hand wash, bathroom and toilet cleaners, we took special permission to supply the inks. Sales dropped considerably in April but it picked up from May onwards.

Doing business during pandemic
We are a major supplier to the beer label market. Generally, the peak season is between March and July. Because of lockdown, the breweries were shut and it was a major setback.

Plans for 2021
The change will be mainly meeting with customers through Zoom and travel will be less till we have a vaccine for Covid-19. In the next 12 months, it is important that we maintain the supplies as shipments are getting delayed. This is going to be a big challenge as we import a lot of materials.

Investment stories
A lot of our customers have moved to pharma labels, and sanitary labels, which include hand wash and floor cleaning liquids. There is a big move to do flexible packaging by narrow-web and our customers are very successful in this. They are adding new machines for this.