What they learnt: Sandeep Zaveri, Total Print Solution

There’s no point in bleeding and Zaveri would like to appeal to all printers to work together towards gaining the respect for the industry

05 Jan 2016 | By Priya Raju

After successfully completing my education from UK, I was all enthused and joined my father in the printing business. As time went by, I noticed that though our labels/packaging is essential and important without which a product cannot be displayed and sold, was not given the respect it deserves.
We as printers were and are still not respected whether it is for paying for the label or the credit period. I always get annoyed that after working hard to give the best services, following sops of different industries we are never respected and never paid on time.
Our printing industry has one of the highest capital investments to upgrade in the technology and so has bad labour laws with high minimum wages.
There’s no point in bleeding. I would appeal to all printers to work together towards gaining the respect because without label/packaging, the product cannot be sold.

Zaveri did his BTech in Business and Finance from Birmingham University plus a year and a half course in printing from London College of Printing. He has worked as an operator in Germany.

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