What they learnt: Faheem Agboatwala, Hi-Tech Printing Services

It was in the year 2007 that Agboatwala was planning to invest in an inline coater. The struggle with the machine started early on. Agboatwala struggled for two years to later move on...

05 Jan 2016 | By Priya Raju

It was in 2007, the year when we were planning to invest in an inline coater from a reputed international brand. After some research, we finally settled for a used machine from a renowned German manufacturer. We sourced the machine from Scandinavia, which has the reputation of having good used machines.
The struggle with the machine started early on. From the beginning, the support required from the local representative of the manufacturer was inadequate.
The struggle with electronic failures was the biggest issue and the fortnightly breakdowns were a pain for both my team and me. This went on for around two years. One day, my father asked me the reason why I was so dejected; after which I gave him a lowdown of what had transpired in the past two years with the machine.
His solution: “Just sell the machine and cry as much as you want today and then never fret about it again. Remove the negativity out of the otherwise positively charged factory. Get another machine and focus on curbing your losses – emotional as well as monetary.”
Within the next three months, we traded the press for another one from our regular brand. I must admit, life has been happier and simpler ever since.
Accept your mistakes and move on; the earlier the better. Calculate the opportunity loss and take the corrective action.

The managing director of Hi-Tech Printing Services, a pharma specialist printer, Agboatwala has plants based in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Automobiles are his first love and he is a travel enthusiast. This no-nonsense perfectionist is currently the president of the Bombay Master Printers Association (BMPA).

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