Labelexpo Europe 2017: 10 companies to put on your must-visit list

Slated for 25 to 28 September 2017 in Brussels, Labelexpo Europe is the destination for anything labels. WhatPackaging? picks top 10 exhibitors, which are not to be missed at the show

15 Aug 2017 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Codimag's Aniflo presses


Codimag’s Aniflo technology combines offset, flexo and digital technologies. It is a combination of an offset unit, with offset plates and a simple anilox delivery system that brings a uniform ink amount across the web.

Codimag will showcase enhancements to its Viva 340 Evolution and Viva 340 combination presses based on the company’s Aniflo printing technology.

The Viva 340 Evolution will feature advances in Viva Evolution’s software, architecture and controls. A new human-machine interface enables transfer of pre-press data to print a label with minimised manual input in minutes. New software features allow automated register synchronisation and connectivity with elements in the customer’s IT environments such as prepress solutions and ERP systems.

Tri-Tronics' ultrasonic clear label sensor


 The growth in demand for clear labels is estimated to be 5 to 8%. The converting companies need sensors which are engineered to detect clear labels accurately at high-speed.The USA-based Tri-Tronics' ultrasonic clear label sensor is the "fastest ultrasonic label sensor available in the market offering more repeatability to customers". It has new brighter LED indicators for easy operator feedback. 

International sales manager, Dennis Henderson, says, "The Tri-Tronics clear label sensor is the “iPhone” of sensors because we are the only company which provides an OLED display giving operator feedback to verify that the sensor is set up correctly. The Tri-Tronics clear label Sensor is the only sensor with a built in scope to see the strength of the signal, when detecting clear labels this is important because the target is clear."

Zecher's SteppedHex anilox technology

Germany-based Zecher's will showcase an innovative SteppedHex engraving anilox technology, which is based on an application of the parameters of 60 degrees engraving.

The SteppedHex engraving will enable to increase the resolution without the loss in volume, enhanced emptying performance, uniform and homogeneous ink-transfer. The cost saving technology will also be compatible for all inking systems.

It is based on the familiar 60 degrees angle but with a combination of three consecutively arranged conventional cells to constitute an alternative engraving format. The staggered engraving structure creates optimum conditions in the printing nip. The unique cellular format and radial layout of SteppedHex engraving help the cells to transfer more efficiently, thereby making the anilox roller easier to clean, especially with an automatic in-line washing system. Its ink-transfer performance, which is enhanced by the cell design, allows printers to use the procedure with any inking system. The transfer of white, gold and silver printing ink, together with lacquer and other special coatings, is particularly uniform and homogeneous.

Nilpeter's new FA press and Panorama Hybrid press

Based on Nilpeter’s Clean-Hand design approach, the new FA press ensures clean hands during press operation, with a minimum of hands-on press interaction; all data is saved, jobs are easily recalled, and the press will auto register. The new FA allows printers to enhance the performance and capability of their press with value-addition units as well as application and automation packages, according to application needs and budget.

In addition to the FA, Nilpeter will demonstrate their newly upgraded Panorama Hybrid.Since the launch of the Panorama digital product line at Labelexpo Europe 2015, the Danish press manufacturer has made major enhancements, including a
redesign of the Panorama's converting and flexo printing units, as well as updates of the press software.


Emax's wide range of synthetic papers


Emax is a joint venture between Holland-based Multistiq and Spain-based Chiasa. The company will launch a wide range of synthetic papers (both one-face and two-face printable) for several applications such as outdoor labels, gardening labels, food applications, etc. Plus it will have an updated range of materials for high-speed inkjet printing applications. The range includes paper, textile and polypropylene labels. Emax's stand will have two printing machines – a high-speed inkjet and a thermal transfer printer – in order to demonstrate the printing quality on its materials.

Pulse RLP's food compliant inks and coatings


The UK-based Pulse RLP's star product will be food packaging compliant (FPC) UV flexo product range suitable for non-direct food packaging and labelling applications. The PureTone FPC ink system comprises a high strength process series and a mono-pigmented
mixing base scheme which results in clean and crisp colours for easy and accurate colour matching. The new ink system offers a total colour management and a food packaging compliant solution for printers supplying industry sectors that require compliance to food packaging and labelling regulations and guidelines. PureTone FPC is suitable for shrink films and general label printing, with excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including coated papers and films.

Vetaphone's corona know-how

This time around the corona specialist will showcase advancer technology in corona treaters. At Labelexpo in Brussels there will be more than 40 Vetaphone corona systems working on narrow web presses including those on the ABG, Domino, ETI, HP Indigo, Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Omet, Screen, and SMAG stands. There will also be a ‘Genius Bar’ area on the stand where Vetaphone will offer advice, training, and technical support for existing and potential customers. 

"The visitors can definitely learn more on how corona treatment will add value to their label printing. Vetaphone is the inventor of corona surface technology 65 years ago, having more than 85% of narrow web corona treater system market share with rich technology know how," says Huifang Pan of Vetaphone.

Evonik's Tego RC 1717 release coating for linerless labels with thermal paper


The new Tego RC 1717 provides integrated barrier properties so that economical thermal paper can be used for linerless label applications. The Tego RC 1717 is used in combination both with Tego RC 902 and Tego Photoinitiator A18. The blend has good silicone hold out and improved silicone anchorage. The release coating provides stable premium release properties over time. It offers outstanding thermal printing performance on economical thermal paper with no silicone build-up on printing heads.

Sappi's two new face stock papers

At Labelexpo, Sappi will be presenting two new face stock label papers in the form of Parade Face Stock C1S and Parade Face Stock Vellum. They are approved for direct contact with food and conform to DIN EN 71 for toy safety. The range of applications for these self-adhesive label papers include decorative labels for tins, glass containers, single-use and multi-use bottles and stickers or price labels (such as those found in the fruit and vegetable aisle) and more.

EyeC's fastest inspection system

EyeC's stand will feature its fastest inspection technology for labels and flexible packaging EyeC ProofRunner Label. It can inspect any type of labels including transparent or metallised labels. When installed on a printing press or on a rewinder, the system monitors the quality of the total print job, checks it against the customer proof, and alerts the operator about the defects. It has the capacity to offer 100% print inspection, even on the fastest presses or rewinders on the market, running at speeds more than 600 metres per minute (2,000 fpm).