Labelexpo Europe 2017 | Top 10 ancillary systems

Labelexpo Europe 2017 is slated for 25-28 September 2017 at Brussels, Belgium.

PrintWeek India and WhatPackaging? team lists the top 10 ancillary systems at Labelexpo

23 Sep 2017 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Ekr Commander
BST eltromat International | Hall 6, Stall E60


At BST eltromat, you will find a host of small and big, yet pertinent devices for your label operations. What’s special is the Ekr Commander for the Ekr 500 digital controller. BST has revised the hardware and powered it with new software and a higher resolution graphic display. To top it up there’s a flexible touchscreen, which takes operating convenience to another level.

Heaford Label AutoMounter
JM Heaford | Hall 7, Stall D33


New launch at JM Heaford is the Label AutoMounter that seeks to eliminate the need for skills in plate mounting. With a series of failsafe automatic procedures, the speed and accuracy that this kit claims are promising. Tolerance levels of five microns and mounting time per plate of less than 60 seconds will make the pre-press operator’s life simpler. 

Helios D
AVT | Hall 9, Stall C05


As digital printing takes over the label sphere, AVT is ready to resolve the challenges of the new technology with Helios D, which aspires to address digital printing challenges such as missing nozzles, ink drips and colour uniformity – all in real time.

FNV Machinery | Hall 7, Stall E20


FNV Machinery will showcase its AniClean range of automatic anilox roll cleaning machine. With eco-friendly cleaning liquid and high-pressure water it effectively handles high line count anilox. Then there's PartsClean M for washing press parts.

Proofrunner Label
EyeC  | Hall 4, Stall C61


The Proofrunner Label supports even the fastest rewinders on the market, running at speeds in excess of 600 metres per minute without compromising on resolution. EyeC will demonstrate faster inspection for modern, integrated production processes.

Softprint Hard
Tesa | Hall 11, Stall A26


No-label-look is a trending concept. It demands high degrees of precision. What’s more important is the right choice of foam hardness of plate mounting tape to achieve the high opacity and a smooth laydown of inks. Tesa’s Softprint Hard is fit for the purpose.

Vetaphone A/S | Hall 7, Stall E28


When the surface tension is your issue, better call Vetaphone. They know about surface tension and corona treatment so well that more than 40 digital and flexo presses on the LabelExpo showfloor have deployed Vetaphone corona treators for live demos.

Intelligent Bar Sensor IBS-100
QI Press Controls | Hall 6, Stall 18


QIPC's new IBS-100 combines all required functionalities for the packaging, labelling and digital markets in one single bar sensor, including 100 per cent web inspection, automatic colour register and colour control from the image.

QuadTech | Hall 3, Stall B52


It is all boiling down to consistently colour quality, significantly lower production times, reduced waste and increased profits. QuadTech’s live demos of ColorTrack will show how colour breakthroughs will help printer to take better control of their print production.

Zecher | Hall 4, Stall E54


The SteppedHex anilox technology claims to ease anilox cleaning thanks to an alternative engraving format with three consecutively arranged cells.The staggered engraving creates optimum conditions in the printing nip and improves ink transfer efficiency.

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