Labelexpo Europe 2015: Preview (Part 2)

The second of the three-part compilation of what’s new at 100+ stalls at Labelexpo Europe during 29 September - 2 October 2015, at Brussels Expo (with inputs from Label & Labeling). The products have been listed in alphabetic order.

21 Sep 2015 | By Noel D'Cunha

This Labelexpo, the focus for Edale will be on digital. Edale is the manufacturer of Graphium’s web transport and hybrid print/converting features and recently announced it has become a Graphium distribution partner in the UK and Ireland. Graphium is a FFEI product, developed in partnership with Edale and Xaar. Edale, who, alongside FFEI, developed the Graphium Hybrid, a printer, that Edale claims, provides the efficiencies of digital printing technology alongside the more traditional, robust flexo printing and finishing. The company will demonstrate how it will allow customers choose a significantly wider range of solutions for their printing requirements.
Indian Contact: Printers Supply Company, Kolkata
Stall: 7D43

EFI is showcasing its Jetrion 4950LX LED press. The ability to print directly on thin, heat-sensitive films and adhesive-backed label stock opens the door to new options, says the company, including printing on recycled materials. EFI says LED technology consumes ‘far less energy’ than mercury-based UV curing systems. The 330mm-wide machine prints CMYK plus white and incorporates variable data capability.
Indian Contact: EFI India, Bengaluru
Stall: 9C40

Electro Optic
Electro Optic will also feature the ultimate flexible die solutions for fruit labels and IML products and furthermore all its standard basic grades of flexible dies. Take a look at this flexible dies for ‘no-label’ look bottle labels using PP or PET film on PET liner down to 19 micron.
The dies minimise the risk of deep cuts into the liner when processing thin liner materials even on older presses. Bottle die is based on Electro Optic’s GLS (gold line special) technology.
The company also introduces flexible dies tailored for fruit labels and IML products and gives live demonstrations of repairing damaged flexible dies with its patented die repair toolkit.
Stall: 7D47

A camera system that is totally new to the market will demonstrate the automated vision technology for the labelling sector. Developed by Ireland-based Episcan, a relatively new company, with Stemmer Imaging, Noel Dolan of Episcan says, companies in the sector see it as a necessity to employ automated vision systems in their process. Episcan’s live demonstration of the system will showcase the ease of use. Dolan guarantees up to 20% cost savings on materials and a 60% reduction on downtime with the Episcan system. Your chance to test Dolan’s contention.
Stall: 8C50

Epson will demonstrate a large range of digital label printers and presses and will also unveil a new printer, which is yet to be announced. The stand highlights include, incorporating the PrecisionCore linehead and LED-cured UV ink with inline digital varnish and high-opacity white ink to its SurePress L-6034; the world’s only aqueous inkjet label press the SurePress L-4033AW; several models from its ColorWorks range, where for the first time, the C3500 will be shown in an affordable short-run, roll-to-roll configuration; and its wide-format printers.
Indian Contact: Epson India, Bengaluru
Stall: 9A50

Elclean is a new contact cleaner available for both single and double-sided web cleaning. A drawer system allows an adhesive layer to be pulled off quickly and easily from the adhesive roller. No tools are needed for the replacement of rollers. Elclean is suitable for webs ranging in width from 300 to 1,910mm and is capable of removing dust particles from a size of 1 micron.
The newly developed multi-function Smartscan inspection system incorporates video function with zoom, 100% print image inspection, splice detection and detection of missing labels and unremoved matrix. The camera unit is housed in a compact enclosure, which means Smartscan can be retrofitted to existing printing and finishing machines.

Esko Artwork
Esko unleashed the HD Flexo power during the last Labelexpo Europe 2013. This time, it will release the latest Esko Software Suite, which enables software editors like Studio and DeskPack to be used in subscription mode in monthly or yearly programmes. The increasing demand for hosted applications is supported with the availability of WebCenter as a fully hosted system. This is part of the latest 14.1 release of Esko’s Software Suite, which will be unveiled at the show.
The show will mark two decades of marketing the popular Cyrel Digital Imagers (CDI). Hence, on the stand will be the latest CDI images and Full HD Flexo demonstrations.
Indian Contact: Esko, Mumbai
Stall: 4C20

ETI Converting
ETI will introduce a compact (7.3m/24ft) Mini-Cohesio machine equipped with both a Jflex digital printing station and a Pellicut die-cutting unit, allowing thin liner label laminates to be constructed, printed and die-cut in a single operation. The Memjet-based print unit runs up to 70m/min (225ft/min) at 1,600x1,375dpi, CMYK with provision for an optional fifth colour.
Stall: 5C28

Find new features of EyeC inspection system including 100% inspection of composite jobs at the stand. In one click, label printers can verify jobs with different labels, for instance front and back labels, against their corresponding PDFs, and for the whole production run.
EyeC has also integrated new and more powerful scanners into its EyeC Proofiler range of offline inspection systems and ProofRunner inline inspection systems. EyeC also displays Proofiler Content, allowing operators to check changes during artwork design and revision.
Indian Contact: Genius Flexo Machinery, Mumbai
Stall: 7E53

Felix Böttcher
One can accelerate production process and reduce cost in comparison to metal embossing forms with the new DLE rubber embossing compound technology developed by Böttcher. The company also claims that the new technology is particularly suitable for the production of design prototypes or for promotional jobs.
Two more Böttcher launches are pure rubber print sleeves, available with hardness between 50 to 80 Shore A, and lightweight carrier sleeves for elastomer and photopolymer flexo printing plates, available in various thicknesses.
Indian Contact: BöttcherIndia, Gurgaon
Stall: 6A10

Flint Group Narrow Web
Flint Group Narrow Web will introduce a range of new technologies. Flexocure Ancora50 UV flexo inks are tailored for food labels and short run packaging applications. PackCure Secure is a low migration white UV flexo ink targeted at package printing, claimed to exhibit excellent adhesion to filmic substrates and also suitable for solvent-less lamination applications. Flexocure Ancora metallic is a full range of one-component low migration metallic inks.
HydroPropack is a water-based flexo ink developed for flexible packaging and unsupported label applications. DigiCoat is a UV varnish range tested and recommended by HP, which achieve good adhesion and scuff, scratch, and abrasion resistance. With these varnishes, printers no longer need to corona-treat the digital print to achieve adhesion between digital ink and varnish.
In addition, the EkoCure range of LED-UV products has been expanded to include metallic inks, UV shrink whites, UV rotary screen inks, EkoCure Ivory and Ebony, plus a wide range of coatings and adhesives.
Indian Contact: Flint Group, Vadodara
Stall: 5A41

Focus Label Machinery
Focus has a new partner in India, Monotech Systems, which was announced at the LMAI Conference in Jaipur. Focus will launch Proflex SE, a servo-driven, modular press with print widths of 250mm and 330mm, with multiple drying options including full UV, LED, IR, or combination systems with optional chill rolls.
The open architecture design of the print stations enables easy loading of ink cartridges and print cylinders, while interchangeable print cartridges can be partially or fully unloaded and exchanged to maximise productivity. Bearer rings are incorporated into the print cylinder assembly to maintain accurate print impression regardless of substrate.
Full colour or single colour digital inkjet can be added for short run and variable data requirements, and options include automatic print register control and rail mounting of units including turnbar, delam/relam, cold foil, laminating, waste rewind turret and scanner systems. Heavy duty, servo-driven die-cutting units with removable anvils are provided for converting a range of substrates from film to 250gsm board.
Indian Contact: Monotech Systems, Chennai
Stall: 7D25

At the show, Fujifilm will bring the advanced Flexnex FW water-washable flexo plate and the hybrid inkjet printer, the Acuity LED 1600.
The Flenex FW is a photopolymer plate containing a special rubber-based compound that is not oxygen sensitive, minimising the effect oxygen has on the dot shape. This the company claims, reduces dot gain and better ink transfer for cleaner and brighter print results. The plate delivers long runs, while producing a consistent 200 LPI at 4,400 DPI, 1% flat top process dots. Improved durability and reduction in plate swell and a time less than 40mins processing times are claimed.
Fujifilm will demonstrate, the Acuity LED 1600’s capabilities of producing prototype packaging samples and short-run labels and stickers using the printer’s spot varnish.
Indian Contact: Fujifilm India, Mumbai
Stall: 9A34

Unveiled last September, the first ever modular digital converting system, DCS 340, as claimed by Gallus, will see the commercial version launched at the show. An inkjet printing module, integrated into a Gallus machine platform, gives the converters the benefits of conventional printing as well as varnish, embellish and further process digitally printed labels inline.
See the ramped up Gallus RCS at the show. Ten years after its launch, the machine will now be equipped with a control platform and a new UV drying solution for varnishing. Gallus’ top seller, ECS 340 press, which has sold over 250 machines worldwide, (six of which alone were installed in India since 2015), completes the press lineup.
There will also be the Gallus Screeny A-Line and the new self-adhesive Twinlock-Sleeve, which has a permanently adhesive surface allowing plates to be continually changed without the need for double-sided adhesive tape. The polyurethane foam construction maintains its compressibility over the life of the sleeve.
Indian Contact: Gallus India, Mumbai
Stall: 5B28 / 5C31

LED UV is in the news these days. India saw the first LED UV system retrofitted on a sheetfed press. GEW will introduce the ArcLED hybrid UV curing system for the narrow web, which will enable an investment in arc technology to be upgraded later with LEDs using the same lamphead casing and the same power supply and control. The printer adds LED cassettes and connects water-cooling, and the Rhino ArcLED power supply automatically recognises which type of cassette is installed, seamlessly switching the power supply from high voltage AC for the arc lamps to DC power for the LEDs.
Indian Contact: GEW Asia, Mumbai
Stall: 6C18

Glunz & Jensen (G&J)
At the last Labelexpo in Brussels, the Italy-based Glunz & Jensen (G&J) had introduced its latest compact all-in-one unit Concept 205 C. The unit did all at one go – expose, process, dry and finish. This year, we saw Vasai-based trade shop System Flexo install G&J’s Concept 305 DW, and Hyderabad-based Digiflex install the Degraf 302 EDLF exposure unit and 305P processor.
Following G&J’s 16.7% stakes in Othonia Curing Technology, the two companies cooperated in developing the its first 100% UV LED technology for exposure units. Expect to see more of this at the show.
Stall: 7E41

Goss International
Get the firsthand information about Alwan’s Color Expertise Technology, a recent addition to the Goss Sunday Vpak press series, at the Goss stand. This latest suite of software is now commercially available following months of rigorous testing at Goss’s Packaging Technology Centre, Durham, New Hampshire in the US. Goss says Alwan’s technology adds two or three inks to conventional process inks, to get that exact brand colour reproduction without need for spot inks. The update is expected to bring customers a 30-50% cost reduction compared to the use of spot inks through a combination of eliminating ink changeovers and reduced ink inventories.
Indian Contact: SLKCG, Mumbai
Stall: 7D18

Grafisk Maskinfabrik (GM)
Check this combination print and converting machine with flatbed hot stamp and screen modules. The machine measures only six metres and has semi-rotary die-cutting and a flexo graphic printing station. Also new is a compact version of GM’s laser. The LC330 Laser Compact is equipped with registered flexo varnish, cold foil/super gloss and a knife box.
GM’s established ‘mini’ series of inline converting systems for digital presses has been upgraded with cold foil/super gloss capability. The unit now supports the HP6600 inline calibration modes (web reversing). GM also launches a new inspection slitter rewinder.
Stall: 9A40

Graficon Maschinenbau
Operating at a speed of up to 75m/min, watch the new Puma R digital press produce self-adhesive labels roll-to-roll at the Graficon stand. The UV inkjet system is CMYK with optional white and varnish. The Puma R consists of an unwind with web-edge control, optional web cleaning and corona, the digital printing unit, varnishing, semi-rotary die-cut, matrix stripping and slitting/rewinding.
Other embellishing modules can be added. The Puma R is also available as a module for integration into reconditioned Gallus T180/T200 presses (Puma iT) and R160 /R200 (Puma iR).
Stall: 11A13

The company’s new DCL-series is a fully modular digital finishing machine which includes a non-stop system, flexo printing and combined semi-rotary/rotary die-cutting unit. Each module is servo-driven and works independently. The updated Servo R-series is a pharma machine for 100% re-inspection. The compact machine has a high-speed servo buffer that allows re-inspection at 200 m/min.
Grafotronic also shows its established Hi-series 100% inspection system with a new automatic knife positioning system. The CLD-series is a modular die-cutting machine with new quick change features on every part from unwind to rewind.
Stall: 11A41

HB Fuller
Is bonding and laminating a challenge? The in-house polymers in HB Fuller adhesives can make the difference, claims the company. See and discuss the Swiftcol solvent-based adhesives and the new Fulltak water-based adhesives with the HBF experts at the stand.
Indian Contact: HB Fuller India Adhesives, Navi Mumbai
Stall: 5A25

Hans-Gronhi Graphic Technology
This China-based company will showcase its new launch, the LC340S, a combination of offset printing working platform and carbon dioxide laser technology, and LC330R roll-to-roll laser cutting and engraving machine. The new laser technology, the company claims, will replace traditional cutting dies, save time and production cost effectively. An optical tracking system allows accurate cutting positions for through-cut or half-cut options.
Indian Contact: Monotech Systems, Chennai
Stall: 8A24

Hapa is set to introduce Hapa 862, the modular, inkjet printing system for foils and labels. Configured as a top-mounted, stand-mounted and roll-to-roll, makes it a scalable future-proof design for packaging lines.
Adding or removing modules to the Hapa 862 is simple. Should a corona station, an inspection system, or a label-reject station be needed, it can be installed with a simple mechanical and electrical connection. At the heart of the system is the newly developed ‘redcube plus,’ the integrated printing module that can go from single to four spot colours, or print in a CMYK process. Hapa’s division Hapa Ink produces and delivers individual inks designed to the exact specifications of a particular application – all foil substrates, plastic, glass, aluminum or labeling material of any kind.
Stall: 8A24

Adhesive specialist Henkel will be present at the show with a range of its product. It will also be part of the Linerless Trail, where 10 industry suppliers – Appvion, Evonik, Henkel, Novamelt, Maan Engineering, MPS Systems, Ravenwood Packaging, Ricoh and Bostik, plus applicator specialist Sato Europe, have joined forces to promote linerless labels.
According to these suppliers, seven billion sq/m of waste is thrown away each year in just Europe from self-adhesive labels. These suppliers will highlight the waste reduction potential of linerless labels by completely removing the waste material from the label production process.
Indian Contact: Henkel India, Navi Mumbai
Stall: 6D35

HP Indigo
At the HP Worldwide VIP Tour, HP did mention that there would be new things at the Labelexpo. “A big part of the focus will be on colour management and what this means both from a technical perspective and working with brands,” the company said. So, it will be new colour management system based on the inline spectrophotometer now standard on HP Indigo WS6800 series presses. Once the press has been fingerprinted and a characterisation database created, the inline spectrophotometer continuously measures output and communicates with the DFE to automatically bring the press back to its calibrated state. HP says this can be used to calibrate multiple presses on one site or across multiple sites.
Also new is an ElectroInk set incorporating fade-resistant Magenta and Yellow for applications that require a high level of lightfastness in outdoor conditions; and Optimizer, an on-press algorithm which constantly optimises the print queue and allows for seamless proofing without the need to break between jobs.
Indian Contact: HP India, Bengaluru
Stall: PATIO

Hyden Packaging
The India-based manufacturer of dry offset presses for decoration of disposable plastic container, Hyden Packaging, has entered the label segment with a new slitter-rewinder and inspection machine ServoTech U350 HS. The low maintenance machine, Hyden claims, can slit and rewind at a speed of 300m/min, which is considerably higher than many overseas manufacturers of similar machines. The machine features airshafts on the unwind and rewind, splice table, pre-slitting web aligner, a servo-positioning nip, rotary knives with pneumatic throw and an edge slitting system with Venturi trim extract. There are option too like clear label count, missing label detection, and inspection system integration among others. The servo control system is manufactured by Tesla Controls, a subsidiary of Hyden. Hyden sources components from ABB, Siemens, E+L, Optex, Festo and P+F.
Since entering the market eight months ago, the company has installed three machines with three more in the pipeline. At the show, it hopes to seek overseas market.
Stall: 11A34

IGT Testing Systems
A new IGT Simply Gravure printability tester for gravure inks, the device has limited functions for the small print shop making only a few drawdowns per day or even per week, an ideal replacement for a hand roller but in conformance with ISO 2834-2. The IGT Simply Gravure consists of a doctor blade and a printing unit with fixed printing form.
The Simply Gravure can also be used to apply varnish on an existing printed colour sample or next to the printing press for a final check of the colour strength of the gravure inks.
Stall: 11F42

Impression Technology Europe (ITE)
The company claims to be the first to launch memjet label printing technology at Ipex in 2010. Since then, ITE has produced the Eclipse Digital finishing range to complement the print technology. At this show, ITE will introduce the Compress UV600S, UV printer plus three brand new pieces of state of the art digital print equipment to be launched at the show.
Impression’s bouquet of short-run digital print portfolio, besides the Eclipse range of digital finishers, including the LF3 and LF350, will consist of Vortex Memjet label Printer, The Compress LP4 LED dry toner label printer with Compress LF4 Digital Finisher.
Indian Contact: Malhotra Graphics
Stall: 8A19

The highlight of the stand will be the Inmeta’s Inoflex modular system for flexographic printing. The system offers solutions for nearly all the rotating elements like cylinders, anilox rollers and sleeves, mounting sleeves, as well as pneumatic or hydraulic carbon fiber adapters.
The company claims that its R&D department is continuously working on improving and developing new designs for its products. All of this, Inometa says will be on display in its Anilox rollers and sleeves, mounting sleeves and adapters.
Indian Contact: Sita Enterprise, Mumbai
Stall: 11A17

Innovia Films
The Innovia theme at the show will be ‘Bringing Technology to the Surface’. A new range of EU and FDA Food Contact Compliant films will take the centre stage. These top-coated films have been developed for the self-adhesive labels market to provide brand owners and retailers with options that satisfy new regulatory requirements. Ultrafoil CFA (clear), WFA (white) and squeezable versions, Ultrafoil CZFA and WZFA provide real value chain benefits. New in the Ultrafoil is a top coating, designed for improved foiling and fine tone. Other new technologies include barrier coatings for enhanced performance in industrial or food applications. 
Innovia will complete its product bouquet with the showing of its films for in-mould labelling, its latest thermal transfer films and barrier films.
Stall: 4B48

Inx International
See the live demo of the new NW210 LED-UV inkjet press inline with a Spartanics X210 laser cutting station at the stand, besides many water-based tag and label inks.
Inx claims this press gives label converters, direct mail and package printers a fantastic opportunity to evolve into digital printing with short-run production for narrow-web printing. The press operates at speeds up to 80 fpm (24m/min) on a maximum width of 210mm. The press uses 15 Xaar 1002 printheads on five colour ink channels – CMYK plus white – with three additional channels and varnish as an option. The NW210 supports media up to 5mm thick on 3 inches cores up to two feet in diameter.
Stall: 9C18

Jindal Films
There will be several new products at the Jindal stand.
Digilyte is a new range of products qualified by HP for its labels and flexible packaging presses. The range includes 50MD580 metalised film top coated with Digylite coating, a clear 57LLD110 and two white 60LHD147 cavitated digital and  58SWD147 solid digital.
With the rise in demand for hotmelt technology applications, Jindal Films is launching a new coating barrier to hotmelt  additive and mineral oils migration: 60LH344 is a white cavitated top coated film which prevents the typical curling, swelling, or yellowing of the label.
Platinum: 75PT600 is a new white opaque film combining TTR and direct thermal printing performance. The top coating offers high reliability for barcode scanning with marking that is resistant to humidity, light exposure and durable for outdoor applications, says Jindal.
Stall: 4B68

The company joins the premium class of label and laminate printing with the modular Varius LX-TX narrow-web press. The company uses a new waterless short inking unit, which can print up to 300lpi. The press integrates features that are common on sheetfed presses like the automatic plate feeder, auto register, but without a dampening unit, which reduces the process parameters.
Hence, it’s very easy to reproduce jobs in same colour and quality, claims the company.
Stall: 6A41

K+B will launch three new GapMaster systems. GapMaster AM (autoMove) maintains a continuous gap between the magnetic and the anvil cylinder with motorised readjustment; GapMaster FR (Free) is for cutting units both with and without support rollers. Reinforced journals and bearings mean that cutting forces are absorbed directly by the sidewall bearing assembly. GapMaster Magnetic is suitable for machines with fixed (intermittent) magnetic cylinder circumference, or embossing cylinders with magnetic positive/negative dies. See a new Quick Change Die-Cutting Station, and a UR Precision CUBE 440 hybrid rewinder. The second generation TecScreen screens are also shown, now significantly stronger at the splice areas and with greater resistance to automatic screen washing compounds.
Indian Contact: Genius Flexo Machinery, Mumbai
Stall: 11C30

Konica Minolta Business Solution
Konica Minolta has developed a new Bizhub Press C71cf for the industrial printing market, which looks like the C71hc, used for by the photo market in India, but with a roll-fed unit. The new toner-based press, however, will make its entry only at the beginning of 2016. It can be used for production of non-self-adhesive and self-adhesive labels primarily to produce short to mid-runs at a competitive price. It will run at 13.5m/min with a maximum paper width of 330mm and 1200x1200dpi resolution (with optical resolution of 3600dpi).
Indian Contact: Konica Minolta Business Solution, New Delhi
Stall: 8C54

Kumar Labels
This Indian company will showcase the newly developed labelstock technology called single release two faces (SRTF). The SRTF offers dual printing in one go. With this, the machine suppliers will be able to sell longer machines, and converters will be able to convert more in one pass. With this, changeover time will be less and the storage will be more. Kumar Labels has also developed a new applicator, which will be unveiled at the show.
Stall: 4A39

Label Traxx
Label Traxx had launched a humorous ‘Homegrown’ video campaign earlier this year. Streamlining was the key theme of the video. So, if you want to compete, you will need to invest in a platform that enables them to control and manage their data internally, says Label Traxx.
At the show, it will introduce the version 7.2 of its end-to-end management software system (MIS). It will include estimate and order magnetic tools with RotoMetrics through Label Traxx; enhanced ink pricing for HP Indigo WS6800 and white plus inks to handle ‘can’ charges; automatic loading of active folders into Esko Automation Engine; quoting inline priming. Label Traxx can now pass digital ‘lead-in’ and ‘lead-out’ specifications to Automation Engine and these can be automatically printed at the beginning and end of a job.
Indian Contact: Flexo Image Graphics, New Delhi
Stall: 9A10

Lintec Group
Making its debut, the company will launch label material made from post-consumer PET bottles using mechanical recycling methods. The environment-friendly label material uses PET bottles as raw material, and consists of 80% or more of renewable PET resin usage as facestock. The company, which will also exhibit other label material, will also announce some products.
Stall: 4A35

Lombardi installed the first Syncroline 430 recently in India. At the show, it will introduce a new East Waste System on the press, which will help maintains tension even when labels have irregular shapes, allowing higher production speeds to be maintained. Also new is the Grafikontrol 100% inspection and longitudinal/cross register system.
Indian Contact: Creed Engineers, New Delhi
Stall: 11C38

Luxul FZC
Luxul FZC, a Canadian-owned company based in UAE will be showcasing a full range of UV-curable inks, coatings and adhesives used for flexo printing of labels, laminate tubes, flexible packaging and folding cartons. The new at the Luxul stand is the ‘Convertible Ink’ system where one pack of UV metallic silver ink GemLux can be converted from a rheology suitable for flexo printing to one suitable for flatbed or rotary screen printing, using a simple additive technique. GemLux, in both processes, exhibits brilliance and opacity while maintaining fast cure speeds and an extended shelf life, says the company.
Indian Contact: Giriraj Agencies, Mumbai
Stall: 11D12