Labelexpo Europe 2015: Preview (Part 3)

The final of the three-part compilation of what’s new at 100+ stalls at Labelexpo Europe during 29 September - 2 October 2015, at Brussels Expo (with inputs from Label & Labeling). The products have been listed in alphabetic order.

28 Sep 2015 | By Noel D'Cunha

Maan Engineering
Mann will introduce the Inlinerless module, allowing label printers to use existing equipment to produce linerless labels. The module is available in two variants: a standard Inlinerless module can be installed behind an existing press; by adding a un- or re-wind station. A standalone variant can also be constructed.
A three step module covers a full sheet or zone coating, which is cured in an inert UV chamber and subsequently a self-adhesive coating layer of 10-300gsm is applied. All this can be achieved with a nominal production speed of 80-120m/min. The basic variants of all modules have widths of 330, 430 and 530mm.
Stall: 11F32

Mark Andy / Rotoflex
Mark Andy will give its Digital Series a European debut. The Digital Series, launched last year, is a full-colour (CMYK + W) inkjet system with running speeds over 200 fpm (76 m/min). Mark Andy will also give a global launch to its new Performance Series P4 servo-driven entry-level press, which Mark Andy says, with features like automated controls, advanced tension control, remote diagnostics and job save and recall, is a kit at an ‘extremely affordable’ investment level. The kit offers the Performance Series productivity while supporting traditional style tooling.
Rotoflex will showcase an advanced URC 2.0 operating system on the VSI330 and VLI440, both servo-driven slitter / rewinder and inspection machines. Mark Andy has 210 presses, and 61 Rotoflex machines are installed in India.
Indian Contact: Flexo Image Graphics, New Delhi 
Stall: 4C45

Martin Automatic
The North American manufacturer of automatic splicer, rewinder, and tension control systems is back at the show with a few new things on its MBS splicing and LRD rewinding machines. The touchscreen control shown in 2013 on the MBS will now match that of the LRD rewinder. The MBS also gets an update and a standard package now allows running substrates from pressure-sensitive labelstock to flexible packaging. The two machines on the stand have been pre-sold to a premier label printer, Pilot Italia, and will be delivered to the printer after the show.
Stall: 7A35

Max Speciality Films
The India-based company will launch three ranges, including IML films – claimed to exhibit consistent flatness, high gloss, mechanical stability and resistance to mechanical, thermal and chemical exposure. They will print with offset, gravure, flexo and digital processes, and are also available with ‘Orange Peel’ effect. The company will also show a range of pressure-sensitive films that includes white cavitated, clear or metalised, suitable for a range of applications including on contoured and squeezable containers.
Stall: 11D48

Maxcess will be previewing the Fife VEO 600 at the show. The Fife VEO 600 is a low-cost, compact and easy to install and use video-assisted moving-web monitoring inspection system, claims the company. The VEO 600 uses a camera system with integrated strobe lighting, timed to your machine print cylinder, bull gear or printed mark to capture or “freeze” images of a moving web. This allows for the visual inspection of print quality, registration and other print processes by an operator at production speeds.
Stall: 6A45

MBO, Bograma, Herzog+Heymann
Under the heading COMPETENCE3, three companies, Bograma, Herzog+Heymann and MBO are pooling their expertise and exhibiting together. Three new production lines will be on show. One line shows the production of different labels in multiple-up production, where labels are die-cut, counted with precision via barcode monitoring and then packed into boxes by using a new robot solution. The second line is a rotary die-cut flat blank and gluing machine for folding boxes, and the third a line for roll material with low paper weight to produce spine-glued booklets with die-cut pull-tabs.
MBO will also introduce its new UW500 unwinder, handling web rolls up to 60 inches in diameter, web widths up to 20.5 inches, and paper weights ranging from 50gsm up to 250gsm. With a maximum production speed of 490ft/min, the UW500 maintains constant web-tension and precise web alignment regardless of the web-speed or roll diameter.
Stall: 9A16

DigiPrime, a primer formulated specically for use in the inline priming unit of HP Indigo WS6X00 series of digital press from Michelman, will premiered at the show. The primer is water-based and particularly effective for flexible packaging printing applications, claims the company. Existing customers of the WS6X00 series with ILP units will require an upgrade kit to use the DigiPrime 680. Also on the show will be DigiPrime 050 for HP Indigo 20000 and DigiPrime 050 for HP Indigo 30000.
Indian Contact: Michelman Chemical, Mumbai
Stall: 9C20

Mitsubishi Hitec Paper
The labelstock specialist will exhibit its range of lightweight thermal papers, Thermoscript L6551, Thermoscript I70 and Jetscript MH7084 at the show. Mitsubishi claims that the company has a solution for all – whether self-adhesive labels with a liner, linerless labels or wet-glue labels, whether traditional, digital or hybrid printing processes.
Stall: 6A09

A new hybrid printer will take the centre stage at the MPS stand. The new EF Neo, a flexo press with an integrated high quality, seven colour inkjet printer will be the highlight. The EF Neo incorporates a more efficient servo drive technology, and as a result of a partnership with GEW, will be equipped with a hybrid UV/LED drying system. Alongside the EF, there will be an EB UV flexo press. MPS is also part of the Linerless Trail.
Indian Contact: Genius Flexo Machinery, Mumbai
Stall: 11C20

Monotech Systems
Monotech to highlight its Jetsci range at Labelexpo Europe
Chennai-based Monotech Systems has opted for an information booth, and will highlight its popular range of Jetsci industrial inkjet systems.  Both Jetsci JSLR and VSRI are ‘Made in India’ products. JSLR is a high-speed slitter rewinder for the label converting solutions, whereas VSRI is for variable data printing, slitter rewinder and camera inspection system. The company has more than 30 installations of the Jetsci products.
Monotech is also the partners for Focus Label Machinery in India.
Stall: 9A58

Multitec Aids
This Indian company will be displaying the Ecoflex VSi eight-colour machine. Open access print units, short web path, chill rolls for producing shrink sleeves and a zero-break matrix rewinder for complex die-cutting at high speed are some of the features of the machine. The machine on the stand is a pre-sold kit and will be shipped to a printer in Tanzania after the show.
Stall: 5C22

Neryos SAS
The decade-old company from France, which has been specialising in digital print equipment and solutions will showcase its brand new label finishing and converting system. The DLF2000 digital cutting solution allows a production speed of 10 m/min, using a micro-tool driven in X, Y, and Z. The DLF2000 incorporates a computer station with the software ‘cut on demand’ that manages the die-cutting from a single pdf file.
Stall: 9A55

Nikka Research
Nikka will introduce a new multi-screen interface for Alis camera line allowing up to 12 apps for web-viewing, colour and register measurement, trend analysis and defects to run simultaneously. New camera models offer higher inspection speeds. The entry-level M1 camera product line has been extended with 520 and 630mm wide models. The ODRI product line with print-to-pdf and pdf-to-pdf verification now offers multi-artwork support, colour consistency check and optional barcode grading.
In India, Nikka systems have been installed at Sivakasi-based label specialist Sel Jegat.
Indian Contact: Royal Coat, Mumbai
Stall No: 7C45

Nuova Gidue
There will be two new press lines from Gidue – the M4 press (430mm width) and M6 press (670mm width), a UV flexo mid-web press dedicated to the flexible packaging market.
Both presses showcase the manufacturer’s digital automation programme in the print cylinder configuration of the M4 and in the print sleeve configuration for the M6. Check the live exchange of multiple jobs, which Gidue claims can be done with less than 10m of substrate waste and one minute of set-up time.
An integral part of Nuova Gidue’s stand is the Revo project for seven-colour extended gamut technology. Nuova Gidue also unveils a new set of technologies and procedures for UV flexo printing on flexible packaging for food applications.
Indian Contact: Reifenhauser India, Mumbai / Bobst India
Stall No: 11C10

There are two new presses at the Omet stand, iFlex and the XFlex X6, both unveiled last year. The iFlex is a 370mm-wide UV flexo entry-level machine dedicated to PS label conversion, incorporating Omet’s new iLight pre-register system and automated iVision register control using cameras placed on each press unit for immediate register correction. The iFlex has a web path of just 1.3m, making the press a compact kit.
Secondly, the new XFlex X6 combination flexo/offset press prints both film labels – IML, shrink and wraparound – and flexible packaging. A third press on stage will be the JetPlus inkjet unit configured inline on an XFlex X6 press.
Indian Contact: Weldon Celloplast, New Delhi
Stall: 6C49 / 6C53

Orthotec will be launching the SRFD3030 finishing line for wine labels, incorporating a silkscreen printing unit with a faster, patented squeegee design, and hot stamping and die-cut stations.
Also new is the DGCON350 digital label converting machine with continuous spot varnishing and semi-rotary/rotary die-cut station. On the press side, Orthotec introduces the CFT3536 intermittent offset press and CSL3030 intermittent letterpress, which uses Bosch Shaftless Technology.
Indian Contact: Label Planet, Mumbai
Stall: 7B17

PGI Technologies
Known as Precise Graphic India, the company received a name change to give a new dimension to its identify. At the show, PGI will make a case for the Make in India concept, with display of its compact video plate-mounting machine and a global launch to its newly designed Precicut 330 die-cutting machine for bar code labels.
The Precicut–330 runs at up to 150m/min with web width of up to 330mm. The die-cutting station is capable of cutting labels in the range of 8.5 to 18 inches repeat. It incorporates an electronic web guide with ultrasonic sensor and inline razor blade slitter (rotary shear slitter optional). Unwind/rewind and waste matrix rewind shafts are of three inches core size. All machine functions are controlled with a PLC and interactive touchscreen HMI.
Stall: 4A61

This kit from Prati, the Digifast One, is a digital label finishing line, which runs at a speed of 80m/min and cutting waste to just 18m per job. And, it’s fast. Digifast One requires just over eight minutes for set-up, says Prati.
The company also introduces the versatile Saturn Omnia processing line, which can handle PS labels, IML and flexible packaging. Thanks to its modular concept, it is simple to switch from one label type to another, handle sample runs, or stack different shaped wet-glue labels or in-mold labels together at the same time.
There will be seven machines running at the Prati stand, including the new Jupiter WF, which is dedicated to labels and unsupported films.
Indian Contact: Royal Coat, Mumbai
Stall: 5C41

After creating a buzz with partners ILTI and Prati with the Core Linerless Solution, Ritrama will introduce a new range of barrier papers for the premium beverage market. The new production will be resistant to extreme wet conditions, recommended for bottles, which are to remain immersed in wet and cold conditions, such as white wine and champagne bottles.
Ritrama will also showcase the Core Linerless Solutions, a self-adhesive Ritrama film consisting of a thin PP on a siliconised filmic liner, engineered to be transformed into a Linerless material ready to be dispensed using a special linerless module. A complete pharma range with the new blood bag will also be shown.
Stall: 4A21

Spain-based Rotatek, the manufacturer of narrow-web rotary presses, with more than 1,300 machines installed around the world, will showcase a range of new and innovative modular presses. Rotatek also celebrates its 45th anniversary at the show. At the moment, Rotatek has confirmed the first appearance of a semi-rotary Brava 350 press with five offset and two flexo modules plus a new flatbed silkscreen inline and other finishing units, including hot stamping with foil saver.
At Labelexpo Europe 2013, Rotatek showed its first new digital converting machine and the other is an advanced modular UV-flexo machine with shaftless technology, thereby combining the power of digital with analogue to provide labellers the ability to convert without limits.
Indian Contact: Provin Technos, New Delhi
Stall: 5C29

SMI Coated Products
SMI Coated Products, one of the country’s largest labelstock manufacturers, will display its wide range of labelstock solutions for various label applications. SMI is at booth no 1127A at Labelexpo Europe. In the ever-moving market, SMI has focused on performance and sustainability, says Rohit Mehta of SMI, adding that the theme of the show, “Technology saves the day. The end.”, explains the current trend in the market. “There is constant focus on bringing technology change in machines and material which would bring in sustainability without compromising quality,” Mehta adds. The focus of SMI at Labelexpo is ‘Made in India’ for export. SMI is proud to represent India at an international platform, says Mehta. “At SMI, we believe growth lies in creative ideas, not just in cost-cutting. We have to decide where we want to be as a company,” he adds.
Stall: 11A27

Techkon will launch the SpectroJet scan-spectrophotometer, which can scan up to a length of two metres with a speed of up to 40cm/sec. The change in illumination to LED helped fulfil new measuring conditions M0 to M3 according to ISO 13655. The SpectroJet measure customised control strips, Fogra Media Wedges, Test charts for ICC profiling, Step wedges for linearisation. As it is a densitometer and spectrophotometer in one instrument and can do spot and scan-measurements, it is one of the most universal instruments on the market.
Indian Contact: Malhotra Graphics, Mumbai
Stall: 9A31
A newly developed production terminals with roll visualisation will now become part of the company’s MIS. The new terminal will simplify registration, tracking and logistic labelling of finished and semi-finished products based on single rolls, batches and pallets.
Production terminals can be configured with hardware optimised for special functions such as touchscreens or portable forklift terminals. In conjunction with electronic machine counters, the software enables automatic recording of production times and quantities, and identification and tracking of material usage and the quantities of material as well as the rolls and batches used.
Further, integrate the online estimation to an existing website as a ‘widget’.
Stall: 6A62

The company will introduce a new clear label sensor optimised to detect clear labels with a high performance OLED onboard display. The Ultrasonic features view of easy setup, calibration feedback, auto-adjust and built-in scrolling instructions.
Indian Contact: ASA Technologies, Thane
Stall: 11A14

Troika Systems
The Troika will introduce the Advanced Gravure Scope (AGS), which automatically measures and records cell size and structure, so that accurate data can be recorded for QC and cylinder inventory purposes. The AGS is being launched after two years of development. The company will also showcase the Anilox QC and Gravure QC applications, driven by AniCam, which has been evolved over ten years of R&D and, which the company claims, is now a mature product.
These kits are used by both label/wide web printers and gravure printers.
Stall: 11A12

United Specialty Ink
Making its first appearance at the Labelexpo Europe, United will showcase a complete range of inks for the label industry with added focus on its specialty and security inks. “Label industry is evolving daily and to create a mark, technology advancement is necessity,” says Gaurav Satheye of United. “United Specialty is a company focussed towards innovation and differentiation.” The company will be exhibiting scented inks, temperature sensitive inks, photosensitive inks, metal-reactive inks, invisible inks, forensic ink along with its UV process inks, basic colours and specialty varnishes.
Stall: 4A67

The company will demonstrate its tried and tested eXact Scan, the handheld colour measurement solution to measure short and long strip anywhere on the printed sheet. It will also display the Ci6x, a portable spectro and the V2.6 of ColorCert X-Rite Edition, the cloud-based standards-compliant and specifications management technology for the easy exchange of colour data in real time among brand owners, printers and packaging converters.
Indian Contact: X-Rite India, Bengaluru
Stall: 7A10

Xeikon / Thermoflex
The company will unleash the Cheetah digital print technology, the Xeikon CX3, at the show, and will also take orders for the kit from day one. Xeikon also launches its Creative Colors toner line: MatteSilver and PalladiumSilver, two special silver metallic toner colours will enable more creative possibilities for designers. They are the first products in the new Xeikon Creative Colors toner group.
Varilane 4.0 is a new version of the imposition software plug-in for the Xeikon X-800 digital front-end (DFE). VariLane 4.0 is now fully integrated within the X-800 4.0 workflow.
Indian Contact: Flexo Image Graphics
Stall: 9C50 / 9B50 / 9C60