Kunal Gandhi: The demand for clean-room solutions have grown

Kunal Gandhi of Kunal Enterprises says the times have been tough since March 2020 for his machine division. However, in terms of his material division, the previous year saw the Mumbai-based company join hands with printed electronic specialist Saralaon and conducive ink manufacturer Nanopaint. And this year, Gandhi plans to boost up the performance of his machine division.

20 Jan 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Kunal Gandhi, Kunal Enterprise

2020 in review
Kunal Enterprise is a leading solution provider, especially in screen printing. Before the lockdown, we installed a Sakurai machine at the Borosil Jaipur plant for ceramic transfers. We had an installation at a packaging company, Art in Art in Ghatkopar, during the lockdown and post-lockdown, we had an installation at Lovely Offset at Sivakasi for value-addition and glitter applications.

Doing business during pandemic
It has been tough since March 2020. Since our machine division requires a huge capital investment, we had a few projects pipelined. During this time, we have been focusing on our material division and have witnessed a growing demand for clean-room solutions, doming materials, conductive and special inks. Also, we have tied up with two new companies — Saralon, Germany for solutions in printed electronics and Nanopaint, Portugal for conductive inks used in printed electronics.

Plans for 2021
We are planning to go digital and to create an environment wherein our top management can work from anywhere. In the next 12 months, we plan to boost up the performance of our machine division.

Most popular kit in 2020
Despite the difficulties, we have received a lot of enquiries for our new product, the Sakurai LQM Evolution series.

Investment stories
We have two customers who invested in foiling line by screen printing and auto decals. Since it is in a transition phase, we cannot disclose their names. But, in our material division, our customer Viraj Prints invested in printed electronics solutions from Saralon. Viraj wishes to bring smart packaging using printed electronics.