Knowledge of the entire supply chain is a must for a premedia agency: Daggupati of Vismaya

Based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and founded in 2016, Vismaya Premedia believes in the ability to think out of the box, and in a short span has established itself in outsourcing packaging services, with clients in USA, the UK, Australia, among others. As Pavankumar Daggupati, director of technical operations, Vismaya Premedia Services, explains, at a time when requirements for packaging design is changing faster than ever, it’s important for a premedia firm to understand every aspec

16 May 2018 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

What’s the scope of your work?

We have expertise in artwork management in FMCG and life sciences, reprography and colour management and digital imaging services. Our pilot team has in-depth knowledge of executing design concept to printready files. The entire process of executing a normal design into professional printready file needs knowledge of various print processes, and the understanding of how a design appears in various substrates. Our main clientele includes brand owners of food, FMCG, retail, product manufacturers, individuals and life sciences industry. Besides, we offer active support to advertising agencies. 

Technologies or processes?

We are experts in design execution, pre-filghting, colour management, contract proofing, soft proofing, asset management, and work solutions. We use all these process methods and technology adaptations to give right solutions, on time delivery and assured quality. 

How would you differentiate between traditional pre-press and modern premedia?

In pre-press, design files are made ready for selected print process based on a printer’s specs. However, term premedia has a larger gamut. It may include diverse activities such as converting old magazine into digital; retouching the images for eCommerce; digital imaging services; transforming the normal design file into print-ready artwork for different print processes based on substrates (whether the file is going to be printed on paper, foil, plastic or aluminium). Artwork management and reprography services require experience and in-depth knowledge of typography, colour management and software skills.  

How important is it for a premedia firm to create files which are platform-neutral. How do you do it?

We concentrate on the packaging industry and brand owners. Rising costs of production, growth of private labels and artworks, the need for speed, consistency and standardisation are all combining to put tremendous pressure on marketers of branded consumer packaged goods, such as food, pharma, durables and other such products.

Marketers are being forced to make constant innovations in packaging, version products, spend more on promotions and penetrate finer market segments through brand extensions. All this means more packaging produced faster and more cost efficiently than ever before.

Changes to packaging that took months to implement and show up on shelves are now expected in weeks. In this, we maintain brand consistency throughout the supply chain and avoid duplications. We are following international standard workflow, which allows us to deliver printready artworks on time with highest quality.

Is it important for a premedia firm to understand the evolving distribution platforms?

Yes. Premedia agencies should have in-depth knowledge of different substrates, various print processes and distribution channels. It will help deliver printready files on time with highest quality and save valuable printing machine time. We keep on educating ourselves of observing global trends about substrates and technology.

As premedia is the first step towards product actualisation, it is important for a premedia company to be on the same page with its client. How does this process work at your firm?

We review a client’s needs. In India, many brand owners are not aware of the role premedia plays in executing design to product actualisation. We insist clients to follow the some global standards for their brands for constancy, speed to market and to avoid counterfeiting. We use customised artwork management tool which helps us and clients, transparency in workflow, avoiding chasing us in mails and phone.  

How far do you go in helping a client find newer markets?

As we are experts in packaging artwork adaptation, we can suggest our clients to enter in new segments and market with attractive shape and design. 

How do you educate your clients in the right way of using technology?

The services we offer to our clients are based on current trends/ technologies in terms of appropriate software usage that can be used across range of networks but not limited on validity. As the members of our technical team are the experts in the industry, they can find the right partner based on evaluation.

What according to you should be the idea working relationship between a premedia firm and a print firm?

We are not involved in the actual printing process. But with our decades of experience in printing and print production, we can visualise the actual output, based on which we prepare the printready file.

With digital making the processes more fluid than ever, what according to you are the future scopes of premedia?

The role of premedia firms is increasing with more international integration within global organisations. With time to market being a critical KPA for brand owners, premedia firms become critical partners in building brands with brand owners. Outsourcing of work is one of the major trends and it is validated by the fact that we have seen a reduction of market share in North America and Australia and an increase in Asia. Increase in growth of consumption in consumer goods, Asia-Pacific is estimated to grow the fastest in the review period, because of the increasing demand of convenience food, better health and personal care products. 

What is the best premedia job you have done so far? 

One of our clients wants to reshape and redesign the total brand with double digit products to enter the international market. Our team worked tirelessly and executed the entire process within deadline. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal more due to the NDA agreement.