Know your needs before investing: Narendra Paruchuri

Komori India hosted a get-together in Delhi on 19 July to celebrate 100 years of Komori Corporation (the company was founded on 20 October 1923). Narendra Paruchuri from Pragati Group graced the occasion as the chief guest of the event. It was no surprise, as Pragati has been a loyal Komori customer for the last 35 years, even before the company started its operations in India.

04 Dec 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

On the occasion, Narendra said, “We have been associated with Komori for the last 35 years and the association is going strong. Most of our printing presses are from Komori. Even our first printing press was inaugurated on 20 October, which is Komori Day. I would like to congratulate team Komori from the packaging and printing industry and wish them all the very best.”

Narendra’s father started Pragati in 1962. In 1988, he went to Japan to bring a high-quality printing machine from the Japanese giant Komori. Ever since Pragati has been using Komori products for world-class printing. Today, Pragati has 12 Komori printing presses, including a Komori GLX-740A with an online coater which was installed recently.

Working with Komori
Narendra said the company opted for the Komori GLX-740A with an online coater. “The configuration is special – six print units + coater + inter-deck + 7th printing unit. With this, we can do different coating and finish the job in one pass.”
He added, “Our relationship with Komori has been long and mutually beneficial. Luckily for us, we have so many good friends in Komori Japan and Komori India that make life easier and happy.” 

The growth story
Narendra says after the pandemic, the printing industry has bounced back rapidly. In the coming years, India will grow by a CAGR of 15-20%. 

He adds, “We work according to the business plan developed by our team to achieve our goals. It also helps in taking the calculated risk for future benefits. Therefore, our customer base is increasing and the company is growing.”

Industry experience
Sharing his industry experience of nearly four decades, he suggests that one should avoid taking shortcuts as it might give you temporary success but will take you nowhere. “Hard work and patience are key to success in this industry. Youngsters should take calculated risks and make bold and wise decisions, keeping the long-term goals in mind, because you learn and earn from these experiences,” he says.
Advising new printers, he adds, “One should not be afraid to adopt new trends or technology as it will help you in growing. Knowledge is power. So, keep learning, keep taking affordable risks and keep going forward.”