Kanishk Jain: “LED UV curing systems to replace mercury systems, soon”

Kanishk Jain, proprietor of Delhi-based Grafik Machinery in a Q&A with Sriraam Selvam shares his thoughts on LED UV and the company’s roadmap.

02 Apr 2018 | By Sriraam Selvam

What’s been the Grafik Machinery installation count for LED UV kit in the past few years?
Till date, we have completed installation of 16 units of the LED UV system.

What is your installation count in 2018?
2018 has also begun well for us with four units being installed and a few more in the pipeline.

Please share details and tech specs of the LED UV kit that you represent?
Our system can be fitted with offset machines of all make. It is easily interchangeable between printing units. The high throughput LED module is designed to cure the CMYK inks at speeds of 12,000 sph. Our system has adjustable power level from 0-100% depending upon the job requirement.  

What are the advantages of LED UV, according to you?
On top of the list is power saving of up to 70% as compared to a mercury UV system. It is also eco-friendly which means it is mercury-free and does not affect the environment. Increased print quality is due to the reduction in dot gain plus higher press speeds is another noted advantage.

How so?
Because better pressroom conditions can be achieved due to lower operating temperatures, as well as no odour and less floor space required.

LED UV system installed in a Komori press

Where do you see the LED UV kit business in five years’ time in India?
I strongly believe that LED UV is going to take over the mercury UV systems due to the many advantages it has. If you notice, the number of installations for LED UV system has significantly increased in the last one year. I see it is all set to increase further in the coming years. The fact that the capital cost for LED UV system is at par with mercury UV will only work in its favour.

What’s your favourite job produced with LED UV?
There are a few promotional jobs on lenticular sheets that come to my mind and also jobs on thin heat-sensitive substrates for FMCG clients which stand out.

What is the Grafik staff-strength, dedicated to UV LED?
We have a five-member team who are technically educated and trained, for installation and maintenance of this specialised equipment.

What else does your firm do?
Apart from LED UV systems, we are also into production of high-speed carton folder-gluers for straight line and lock bottom cartons made of the duplex and e flute boards, UV coating systems (online and offline) with UV and IR dryers and liner carton machines. We also deal in quality spare parts and consumables for sheetfed offset and allied machines.

Which territories do you serve?
We serve throughout India, starting from Jammu in the north to Sivakasi in the south, Baroda in the west to Guwahati in the east.

Who are your key customers?
To name a few, Astha Packaging and Saraswati Printers in Okhla, Solar Print Process and RP Printers in Noida, Ramdoot Packaging in Ahmedabad, Polygon Packaging in Vapi, Vibgyor Arts in Kolkata.

What’s your mission statement?
I would say our mission would be to spread awareness among printers about LED UV. We feel this is in their interest and country's interest, to be environment-friendly and possess serious power-saving capabilities.

LED UV system installed in a Heidelberg press