T P Jain, Monotech Systems

"Innovation and print enhancement are the new trends in the print industry," says TP Jain.

26 Feb 2013 | By Rahul Kumar

PWI: What are new trends in the market?

TPJ: The demands of the customers are increasing. The customer today, needs creative and innovative products. The demand for four-colour printing has thus reduced drastically. We see innovation and print enhancement as the two new trends in the market. The best sentiment in the industry is the readiness to understand the technology and make investment.

PWI: Are tier one and tier two market saturating? If yes, then where are the opportunities?
TPJ: We see this phenomenon in a different way. Every market has its demand and it keeps changing over time. Tier one market is the most demanding with many niche segments but tier two and three markets are a tad different. These are the emerging market for us. These markets do not have huge volume and need economical solutions, thus creating opportunities everywhere.

PWI: How will you capture the print enhancement market and what will be the role of Scodix in it?
TPJ: Print enhancement used to be a manual, long and high-maintenance process but with Scodix, the entire process can be completed in one go. Today technology has evolved. People in India are willing to spend a lot on wedding albums. Thus, the wedding photo album market will be our focal area. Within few months of the launch, we have installed the first machine in Chennai and the second is already booked. We are foreseeing a large acceptance for Scodix in the market.

PWI: What are the targets for Scodix?
TPJ: We have very ambitious targets for the machine as well as the market. We have got positive and encouraging responses from the ustomers and visitors, when we show them a sample printed on Scodix. We have a dedicated, experienced and trained team for Scodix and with the new entrant, we are aiming to offer a concept to the customers - Scodix. We are organising road shows, participating in exhibitions, providing samples to print buyers to spread awareness. We are the representatives of Scodix in India and the neighbouring countries.

Hopefully 2013 will be a great year for Scodix. We are seeking creative, innovative and focused customers for Scodix, people who are ready to work on new possibilities.