Ipex 2010: over 2,190 pre-registrations by visitors and 20 exhibitors from India

Samir Lukka interviews Trevor Crawford who says Ipex 2010 is the most important Ipex ever

04 May 2010 | By Samir Lukka

IIR Exhibitions claims Ipex 2010 to be the biggest Ipex ever? Please elaborate.

Biggest in terms of importance, technology, economic timing, products commercially available for first time, high proportion of working machinery, demonstrations - so rather than biggest, more probably the most important in its history!

How much of print business will Ipex 2010 generate for Indian printers?

Huge potential, when one considers that in Ipex 2006 some 1,500 Indian visitors attended Ipex, and as of today over 2,000 have pre-registered already and we still have four more registration weeks to go.

The Indian print community has always had a close relationship and synergy with Ipex that goes back over many cycles. 2010 will be no different, maybe more so with great interest in all aspects of the print production workflow, all of which can be seen live at Ipex.

How have you made it easy for an Indian visitor to visit Ipex 2010?

Never been easier, with visa applications easily available on-line. Plus the India international day planned for Thursday May 20 is generating great interest with exhibitors. The  venue halls are fully backing this very special day. However, the whole eight days holds so much interest for the entire Indian print industry.

Do you see the India print industry showing positive growth? How do you rate it in comparison to the world market?

It has to be close to one of the major development regions especially in print, which indicates the level of interest Ipex is receiving from visitors and exhibitors.

All exhibitors commented on the high number of visitors from India at Ipex 2006. Now with the work the team, its media partners and exhibitors along with its stronger relationships through Ipex South Asia Ipex 2010 is set to welcome probably its greatest number of Indian visitors ever.

In India and worldwide, there are so many trade shows. In that sense, you're competing with a lot of event and exhibition companies throughout the world. How do you make your trade show, stand out and create a bit of quality?

The Ipex brand is probably greater than it has ever been to the global print community, which is based on a solid foundation of its 156 years legacy, great successes of 2006, roadshows in the area in 2009, sister event held every two years in India and the special relationship it enjoys with the Indian print sector.

Also, Ipex 2010 will provide a unique showcase for visitors to experience in most cases first hand working new machinery throughout the entire print process. A visit to Ipex for anyone involved in the Indian print industry to help them plan the future of their business is vital.

Number of visitors from India? Pre-registrations?

2,190 plus and rising, but still early days, still way ahead of the curve compared to the 2006 cycle.

Your expectations from 2010?

For Ipex to provide a vital range of tools to help printers achieve their long term business objectives, and to see the event as a major turning point towards improved economic times.

What is the comparison in terms of floorplan from the previous Ipex in 2006?

The floorplan for Ipex 2010 is divided into 38% digital, 36% post-press and 26% press in comparison to 26% digital, 33% post-press and 41% press in Ipex 2006. Clearly, the shift is towards digital, testified by HP having the biggest stall at the show.


  • Five restaurants: Shimla Pinks, unmissable for those that love their Indian cuisine, Bank Restaurant in Brindley Place and all curry restaurants. Please nb: Birmingham is famous for the Balti Curry.
  • Five pubs: Anywhere the Print Week India team are at the bar!
  • Five spots to see: I’ll go further. Totally 11 spots to see, obviously halls 20 to 6 at the NEC.
  • The buzz word at Birmingham: Three words: discover greater profitability and the future of your business.
  • Best mode of transport: Sheer adrenaline but practically the train!
  • A clothing disaster would be: Going to Nick Craig Waller’s tailor (For the uninitiated: Nick Craig Waller is the marketing director at Ipex).
  • The best coffee at the show:  In the organisers’ office, come try it!
    An emergency number to memorise: Your hotel room number.
  • Smoking is: Banned, apart from outside areas.
  • The Ipex office is: NEC all 11 halls, or more specifically hall 18 organisers office – please come say hello to the Ipex team.