Industry’s best bag the SIES SOP Star Awards

The fifth edition of SIES SOP Star Awards saw a focus on sustainability and innovation. 33 companies won the awards at the event which transpired in the lawns of SIES School of Packaging on 10 April 2022.

16 Apr 2022 | By Mansi Gupta

SIES SOP Star Awards, Winners

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) motto says, "Better quality of life through better packaging for more people". This truism was evident during the fifth edition of SIES SOP Star Awards 2021. 

Among the big winners, ITC had 13 wins, UFlex 11 and TCPL had seven wins. Other winners included MTR, Marico, Essel Propack, Asian Paints, Huhtamaki PPL, Cipla, Cavinkare, among others.

As per the citation, the award recognises technology and innovation in the packaging sector for its continuous efforts in innovation, creativity, and new developments across multiple product applications.

While the award ceremony celebrated the big wins, here is how the companies deep dived into the tech challenges and created the requisite print magic. 

Packaging is a huge market space and the innovation the 96 entries brought into SIES SOP Star Awards 2021 speaks volumes. 

Allana Consumer, Mumbai bagged the President’s Special Award for Pristine Filling and Decor. This is a product sample display case which has been developed with small sample packs. It has a foldable pack with magnets, side clip for spoon holding, brand colour combination, and a ribbon to tie up the gift.

Uttar Pradesh-based paper and flexible package manufacturer, Yash Pakka won the President's Award for Sustainability & Innovation Delivery for their fibre-based delivery containers.These moulded pulp containers contribute to carbon sequestration and humus build-up. 

These containers are created from agri-bio residue bagasse, for the delivery of food. It aims to replace the use of single-use plastic containers and provide safe food to consumers without any addition of harmful chemicals. These are compostable in the backyard composting facilities and add nutrition to the soil. 

Star Awards and sustainability

Sustainability is the need of the hour and most of the nominated companies tried to promote sustainable methods of dealing with packaging.

Uflex, Noida developed Kraftika, a paper-based tube for Wow Skin Care. This sustainable innovation did not compromise the barrier properties and rendered the same features as a plastic tube. The paper-based tubes are moisture resistant, have a high burst strength and provide stiffness to the body of the tube. This in turn helps the body bounce back, preventing it from collapsing regardless of the increase or decrease in the content’s volume. 

Safepack, Pune manufactured a new sustainable packaging material manufactured using paper/cellulose & waterborne emulsions which is food-safe, 100% compostable and  biodegradable making it the preferred choice for packing of sustainable disposables. 

ITC developed a recyclable laminate manufactured with green energy. It is a three-ply pack which aims to maintain product freshness and aroma for the entire shelf life. It combines both sustainable structure and aesthetic aspects by having a matt and glossy finish. The outermost layer is specially developed matt varnish which provides the texture of matt finish and high heat resistivity during seal of the pack. 

Star Awards: eCommerce and pharma

The eCommerce retail packaging sector has grown to 65 million monthly unique visitors, accumulating an annual increase of 55%. India’s e-commerce revenue is predicted to be the highest in the world, growing at an annual rate of 51% and increasing to USD120bn in 2020 from US30bn in 2016, according to an ASSOCHAM-Forrester report.

And so, eCommerce got a big packaging boost. Vedix decided to follow a sustainable outlook for their eCommerce packaging. The company uses jute into their packaging to support Indian farmers and increase the daily livelihood of the farmers. The pack is eco-friendly and recyclable. 

Huhtamaki won because of their side gusseted roasted coffee bean pouch with non-returnable valve.  This pack is a side gusseted pouch for packing one-kg roasted coffee beans with inclusion of a non-returnable valve (NRV) on the top front side of the pouch. It ensures keeping the product fresh so that the characteristic wonderful aroma remains intact and provides a reliable barrier against oxygen, resulting in retaining the freshness of the beverage for a longer time. 

Covid-19 impacted the world, and the pharma industry, to the best of its ability, tried to help the people. One such development was done by Reckitt Benckiser. They developed Dettol no touch handwash which automatically senses the presence of the hand and dispenses the controlled amount of liquid for washing hands.The pack consists of a device and a refill.

The younger generation inspired by the ever growing packaging industry decided to step in and this is when Tejashree Amberkar, ICT, Mumbai  developed a thermoregulated packaging. The project conceptualised beeswax as a phase change material, while using  a phase change temperature of 60 celsius.

Pranav Hule, a student from SIES SOP  won India Star 2020, Asia Star 2020, for developing a multiportal for holding and storing laboratory equipment and samples for the pharma industry.  

Jay Singh, president of the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes says, “Packaging represents one of the highest growth sectors for India with a CAGR of 22-25%. While the per capita packaging consumption rate is much lower in comparison to some of the other leading global economies, it has grown at an impressive rate of 200% over the past decade to 8.6 kg in FY2020. With strong favourable trends such as demographics, disposable income, rising consumer awareness, demand for processed food, and rapidly evolving infrastructure and policy support, the potential for further growth is significant.”

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