Indian exhibitors at Interpack 2017

As far our information, total 88 Indian companies are getting ready to showcase their expertise at Interpack 2017 at Dusseldorf from 4 to 10 May. Rahul Kumar and Dibyajyoti Sarma compile a one-stop resource guide for readers to find who they are, what they are exhibiting and where they are located at the fair ground.

21 Apr 2017 | By PrintWeek India

Accupack Engineering, Navi Mumbai

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-14

Product: Complete lines for production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

ACG, Mumbai

Hall: 16/ B35

Product: Containment solutions for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products; inspection and control/ metal detectors; primary packaging; secondary packaging; blister packaging made of aluminium.

Akshardham Industries, Surendranagar

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-08

The company: Akshardham is involved in packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production.

Product: Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media.

Alpha Plastomers, Surat

Hall: 07.2/ A37

The company: Alpha Plastomers is one of the first Indian companies to offer flexible and rigid packaging solutions. Its clientele includes FMCG companies, electronics, frozen foods, cosmetics and many more in domestic as well as international markets. In addition to manufacturing, the Alpha group offers in-house design and engineering services and possesses custom tooling capabilities.

Established in 1980 by Kanhaiyalal Agarwal, Alpha Polytechno, as it was known then, benefited from being in the middle of the textile hub in India. With PVC being used widely in the industry, Alpha saw an opportunity to change the industry standard by introducing Polypropylene Tubular Quench (PPTQ) film because of its clarity and strength. With the first plant in Agarwal’s basement in a small village called Navsari (about 200 km north of Mumbai), a capacity of about 10 MT per month was installed.

In 1984, the plant was relocated to Daman and the name changed to Alpha Polymer. With a larger space of 1,500 square meters, Alpha Polymer could process about 4,200 MT of polymer annually by 1996. By then, it also started offering Polyethylene (PE) bags and liners to industries including, but not limited to, textile, stationary, and household goods. Later, the plant was relocated to a four-acre Alpha Industrial Park.

By 2004, Alpha Polymer became Alpha Plastomers and was processing about 2,000 MT of polymers every month. This tremendous growth allowed Alpha Plastomers to diversify and add PET bottles to its portfolio for rigid packaging. Alpha Plastomers was the first Indian company to provide solutions for flexible and rigid packaging. Today, Alpha Pharma Roorkee (a division of Alpha Plastomers) manufactures over 9 million PET bottles annually in various shapes and sizes with volumes ranging from 10ml to 1,000ml. In 2006, Alpha introduced polyolefin (POF) shrink film and thus becoming the first Indian company to manufacture shrink film using double-bubble blown film process.

Product: Transparent packaging.

Armstrong Machine Builders, Pune

Hall: 2/ E09

The company: Armstrong offers automated storage and retrieval systems, palletising solutions, carton handling and sortation systems. Armstrong has nearly two decades of experience, of delivering solutions to some of the leading companies in food, FMCG and retail industry. Armstrong’s 45,000 sq/ft facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Apart from the factory, Armstrong has major offices in the cities of Pune, Mumbai and Nasik. In addition to its own service centres at Bangalore and New Delhi, Armstrong has several OEM partners spread across the globe who are trained by Armstrong to install and service the products.

Product: Conveying and storage systems for the production of confectionery, including dual-lane-conveyor; pollux flat top chain conveyor; thermodrive

Ballyfabs International, Kolkata

Hall: 7.2/ C23

The company: A Kankaria Group company, Ballyfabs works on vertically integrated efforts for the development of raw jute to the manufacturing of quality yarns in various blends and compositions, which are converted to fabrics and then to bags. The company has all stages of production — spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidery, stitching — under one roof , which allows total quality control through. The company works with major grocery stores worldwide. Its current capacity is 18 million bags every year.

Product: Packaging materials / textiles, non-woven material and woven material.

Bang Polypacks, Mumbai

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-18

Product: Bags made of plastic, FIBCs made of plastic for food and industrial goods segments.

Brajesh Packaging, Amravati

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-04

Product: Packaging straps/ plastic.

Chemline India, New Delhi

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-22

Product: Polyurethane solvent-free and solvent-based lamination adhesives.

Chiripal Poly Films, Ahmedabad

Hall: 9 / G16

Product: BOPP; PET; OPP; metalised films.

Cilicant Chem

Hall: 7.2/ A30

The company: Cilicant Chem was started in 2011 by Manish Jain who has over two decades of experience in the production of desiccants. With a wide range of desiccants, the company offers suitable solutions to prevent highly moisture sensitive products from the harmful effects of moisture/humidity. The company’s product range includes a variety of desiccants and adsorbents such as, silica gel – bulk/pouches; food grade desiccant pouches; silica gel chromatography grade; activated alumina; natural desiccant pouch.

Product: Cilicant FG silica gel desiccant pouches and Cilicant 270, a moisture absorbent for cargo/container).

Commercial Syn Bags, Indore

Hall: 7.2/ E03

Product: FIBCs made of plastic.

Cosmo Films, New Delhi

Hall: 09/ F26

The company: Established in 1981, Cosmo Films is the largest exporter of BOPP films from India and is also the largest producer of thermal lamination films in the world with plant and distribution centres in India, Japan, Korea and the US along with global channel partners in more than fifty countries.

Product: BOPP films for packaging, labels and lamination applications.

Crescent Innovative, Mumbai

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-21

Product: Bags made of plastic; FIBC made of plastic; sacks made of woven material.

Daddas Medical

Hall: 7A/ C15

Product: Cartridges and syringes made of glass.

Damati Plastics Partnership

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-01

Product: Containers with lid made of plastic.

Dhiman Industries, Nakador

Hall: 02/ B11

The company: Dhiman group is India’s oldest and pioneer manufacturer of confectionery machines. It is the only company in India who has multinational setup with three plants in India and in Chicago, the US. The company specialises in making complete plants for toffee, éclair, candy, bubblegum and lollipop, including related packaging machines.

Product: Automatic pillow pack machine DP-8/DP-10; automatic candy wrapping machine EF-6; horizontal pulling machine HPM-50.

Dodia Establishment Decap Closures, Mumbai

Hall: 10/ C50A

Product: Pouring spout closures; screw caps / closures made of aluminium; cap closures; child-proof closures; crimped closures; press-in closures.

Ebullient Packaging, Mumbai

Hall: 10/ C13

The company: Ebullient is a diversified group having interest in various manufacturing activities. These include manufacturing of flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), drums and fibre drums, reconditioning of intermediate bulk containers (IBC barrels), reconditioned barrels (S2S), reconditioned drums, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and poly propylene woven bags (PP). The company’s plant is located in Silvasa.

Product: FIBCs made of plastic.

Electronics Devices, Mumbai

Hall: 08A/ E37

Product: Checkweighers

Ferreterro India, Noida

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-07

Product: Equipment for lifting heavy products.

Gabbar Engineering, Ahmedabad

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-13

Product: Machines for the production of big bags.

Gem Allied Industries, Kolkata

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-32

Product: Single equipment for processing of other food products.

Gemni International, Secunderabad

Hall: 02/ E12

The company: Gemni is a one-stop shop for all requirements in setting up ice cream cones and wafer biscuit manufacturing units for various production capacities with semi-automatic to fully automatic machines.

Product: Automatic wafer baking oven; archway type stress relieving SRM; automatic contact spreading machine.

Green Packaging, Kolkata

Hall: 07.2/ C11

Product: Carrier bags and shopping bags made of woven material.

Hassia Packaging, Pune

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-24

Product: Gravimetric dosing machine; volumetric dosing machine; vertical form, fill and seal machines; filling systems.

Hilda Automation, Navi Mumbai

Hall: 06/ B62

Product: Automatic P100 single side labeling machine (self adhesive); automatic mini wraparound labeling machine (self adhesive); automatic front & back labeling machine (self adhesive).

Hindustan Tin Works, New Delhi

Hall: 11/ A40-5

The company: Established in 1958, Hindustan Tin Works changed hands to the present management, the Bhatia family, in 1977. From small scale operations, the company has since grown into a leading can making company of India. Foreseeing the growth in metal packaging, the company invested heavily into technology upgradation, modernisation of equipments/automation to offer the best quality. The company went public in 1995.

Product: Cans; components; printed sheets made of tinplate.

Impel Services, Mumbai

Hall: 08B/ G60

The company: The Stelda range of case sealers from Impel Services, a part of the Welbound group, stands out for high-end automation delivered through a smartly designed and robust machine. The company’s current portfolio includes preset and random case sealers with options of hotmelt glue, cold glue and self-adhesive tapes. Case erectors and case packers also come from the Stelda family of machines.

Product: Stelda random case sealer with multiple sealing options.

Jekson Vision, Ahmedabad

Hall: 6.1/-01

Product: Optical inspection systems for pharma segment.

Jindal Poly Films, New Delhi

Hall: 9 / H4; J3

Product: Packaging material; BOPP.

Kanpur Plastipack, Kanpur

Hall: 7.2/ B22A

The company: Kanpur Plastipack is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of FIBCs from India, with more than 7 million units per annum. The 45-year-old company has a turnover of over USD 40 million per annum and boasts certifications like ISO 9001:2008; ISO 22000:2005; BRC (A grade); HACCP and AIB. Its product range includes FIBC; PP fabric; PP multi filament yarn for stitching of FIBC, PP Sacks, etc.

Product: FIBCs bags.

Knack Packaging, Ahmedabad

Hall: 7.2/ A25

The company: Established in 1993, Knack Packaging is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of HDPE/PP woven sacks, fabrics and multicolour printed BOPP laminated PP woven bags. The company’s products are used in grain, foods, animal food, fertilisers and chemical, cement, powder and granule, mineral and so on.

Product: HDPE/ PP woven fabrics with checks design; FIBC bags; paper bags.

Kuloday Plastomers, Mumbai

Hall 7.2/ A30A

The company: Established in 1975, Kuloday produces flexible packaging material from plastics, mainly producing bags made from HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and MDPE. KPPL India has three polyethylene manufacturing facility at Daman, with a production capacity of around 18,000 MT/year. The company has in-house printing, packaging and recycling facility in order to maintain timely the schedules for its export and domestic customers.

Product: Polyethylene bags made from HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and MDPE.

Lohia Corp, Kanpur

Hall: 12/ E26

The company: Based in Kanpur, way back in mid 1970s, Lohia Group diversified from its traditional business to venture into plastics and engineering and thus started manufacturing. Since then, the group has been serving the textiles and flexible packaging markets for more than three decades. Today, the group has three companies. Lohia Corp manufactures machines for flexible plastic packaging solutions; Threads India manufactures industrial sewing threads and Injectoplast manufactures industrial grade plastic components.

Product: Bag conversion lines; tape stretching lines; printing machines.

Maharshi Udyog, Ahmedabad

Hall: 08B/ C02

Product: Flip off/aluminum capping machine; volumetric liquid filling machine; ROPP screw capping machine.

Manish Packaging, Surat

Hall: 7.1/ A11

Product: PET; PVC; blister packagings made from composite material; bottle sleeves; shrink sleeves.

Millenium Packaging Solutions, New Delhi

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-19

Product: Adhesive tapes.

Multitech Products, Pune

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-23

Product: Composite material.

New Era Machines, Ludhiana

Hall: 3/ F29

The company: New Era Industries was incorporated in 1956. From a humble beginning manufacturing machine tools, the company has now emerged as a world class player in the field of biscuit manufacturing machinery. The company’s sprawling infrastructure boasts world class technology both in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Product: Mixers; feeders; forming.

NPF Polyfilms, Gandhinagar

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-15

The company: Mailing tubes made of cardboard.

Omori India, Vadodara

Hall: 8B/ C66

The company: As a leading manufacturer of high-speed flow wrap machines and automatic feeding and product handling systems for food and non-food applications, Omori has over 3,100 installations across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The machines are used for wrapping all kinds of biscuits and cookies, chocolate bars, cereal bars, snack bars, noodle cakes and such other food products. Its customers include food brands such as Britannia, Cadbury, Danone, GSK, ITC, Kellogg’s, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Parle, Pepsi and Sara Lee.

The flow wrappers have also been adopted to handle some non-food personal care products like soap bars / detergent cakes, hygiene and sanitary products as well as mosquito repellant coils, electrical switches, pharma blisters, etc for reputed companies in the field like Colgate, Kimberley Clark, Matsushita Electricals, 3M, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever and many more.

The company’s administrative, project services, customer support, design, and prototyping facilities are located in Vadodara. The assembling and testing facilities are located at three sites on the outskirts of Vadodara, Dashrath and Rania.

Product: High speed flow wrap solutions for packing, including noodle wrap, which is used to pack the Maggi brand.

Ostern, Kolkata

Hall: 7.2/ E14

The company: Ostern started in 1998 for manufacturing writing instruments for domestic and export market using most advanced technology and tooling from Korea with a capacity of 50,000 pens/ day. Since then, Ostern has established itself as a leading manufacturer of writing instruments. Ostern also has a fast growing thin wall containers manufacturing facility with production capacity of up to 100 MT/month.

Product: Containers with lid made of plastic.

Pacific Plastics

Hall: 13/ C60

The company: Pacific Plastics specialises in the field of manufacturing of packing and packaging machinery. The company has a wide range of sealing machines to offer for different applications.

Product: Band sealers horizontal mini model; band sealers Vartical baby model; basic sealers.

Pakona Engineers, Mumbai

Hall: 6/ A28

Product: Horizontal form, fill and seal machines; cartoning machines.

Parekh Aluminex, Mumbai

Hall: 7.2/ C39

The company: Parekh Aluminex is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of aluminium foil containers (AFC), aluminium foil rolls (AFRs) and aluminium lids in India. The company has acquired a Singapore-based company by taking over its plant and machinery for making aluminium foil containers, in the process getting plum projects from Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, among others.

Product: Aluminium foil containers; aluminium foil rolls and aluminium lids.

Parle Global, Thane

Hall: 16/ F04

The company: Rajmal L Mehta established Parle Global as a small set up in 1974 for the manufacture and supply of tablet compression tools in Mumbai. Effective utilisation of available internal resources and reinvestment of profits to purchase high precision machines as well as recruitment of trained manpower saw Parle grow organically to have around 800 employees today. With corporate office in Mumbai Parle has two manufacturing locations near Mumbai (Pharmaceutical Packaging, Printing & Tooling) and one in Ahmedabad (Press Machines), and Parle has a well established network of 10 branch offices in India.
Product: CKD eco-blister; EP 200 single rotary tablet press; Elizabeth Hata, a pioneer in multilayer and core tablet technology.

Pharmachine India, Mumbai

Hall: 08A/ E36

The company: Pharmachine is part of a group of companies engaged in manufacturing of pharmaceutical machines and tools. The group has been manufacturing punches and dies for tablet compression for over 45 years. Today, it is known for its tablet compression tools. More than 60% of its production is exported to over 35 countries.

Product: Tablet presses for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Plastene India, Ahmedabad

Hall: 10/ D47

Product: Fill and seal machines for FIBCs; packaging materials; textiles, non-woven material and woven material.

Powerband Industries, Daman

Hall: 7/ B23

The company: Powerband is a leading manufacturer of BOPP packaging tapes and cast LLDPE stretch films, with compounded growth of 30% over the last 10 years. Its products are exported to more than 19 countries while it has more than 2,000 installations in India.

Product: BOPP tapes; stretch film; pressure sensitive adhesive.

Pradeep Polyflex, Pune

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-26

Product: Bags made of plastic.

R&D Engineer, Hyderabad

Hall: 1/ D1

The company: Established in 1991, R&D Engineers is India’s foremost manufacturer of baking machines for wafer biscuits, ice cream cones and rolled sugar cones.

Product: WA series wafer biscuit plant; ZE semi automatic ice cream cone machinery; Za-1 Lab model cone baking machine.

Rajiv Plastic Industries, Dadra & Nagar Haveli

Hall: 7.1/ C03

The company: Rajiv Plastic is one of Asia’s leading Colour and additive masterbatch and polymer compound manufacturers. Incorporated in 1978, the company has been providing an advanced level of solutions to the plastic processing industry’s ever changing and challenging needs.

Product: Colour and additive masterbatches.

Rayan Plast, Mumbai

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-35

The company: Rayan Plast is one of the renowned packaging and tape industry players, and is among the top five BOPP self-adhesive tape manufacturers in India. Since its inception in 2005, Rayan Plast has been manufacturing products with the use of advanced coating technology and pneumatically controlling drying system.

Product: BOPP self adhesive printed tape; BOPP colour tapes; BOPP self-adhesive low noise tape

Ritomate International, New Delhi

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-11

Rockdude Impex, Mumbai

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-02

SSP Packaging Industries, New Delhi

Hall: 13/ E45

The company: Since inception in early 1968, SS Packaging Industries, with a focus on manufacturing of liquid packing machines, has today emerged as SS Group, with exports to countries like South-East Asia, Middle-east, Africa and Europe. Founded by Satnam Singh, and supported by his son Pardeep, SS Group believes that research and development is the foundation of it business. The company has extensive R&D capabilities to engineer liquid packaging product ranges to the most exacting specifications.

Product: Filling capping machine for pharmaceutical, edible oil, cosmetics, food and household products; capmatic for liquor, pharmaceutical, edible oil, cosmetics, etc; techmatic for liquor, pharmaceutical, edible oil, cosmetics, etc.

Safal Flexibond, Ahmedabad

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-9

Safepack Industries, Pune

Hall: 07.1/ E37

The company: Safepack incorporates 100+ years of experience in providing quality research-based innovative packaging solutions to cater to industries like metals, automotive, engineering, electronics, defence, pharma, FMCG, etc. The company specialises in two verticals – AntiCorrosive VCI and Technical Industrial Laminates of Paper-Film-Foil-Fabric.

Product: Safepack AntiCorrosive VCI paper; Safepack AntiCorrosive VCI metal wraps; Safepack AntiCorrosive VCI plastics; Safepack AntiCorrossive VCI emitting system.

Sanjeev Flexi Pack, Mumbai

Hall: 07.1/ A42

Saurabh Flexipack Systems, Pune

Hall: 08A/ E71

Shako Flexipack, Mumbai

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-05

Shri Maa Polyfabs, Kolkata

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-03

Shrinath Flexipack, Hyderabad

Hall: 7.2/ A45

The company: Shrinath Flexipack is a part of the Shree Group of Industries, which has diverse business operations in flexible packaging, masterbatches and polybags. Established in 1974, the group employs more than 700 people and sells its products in more than 50 countries.

Product: Flexirap stretch films suitable for all applications; Flexirap shrink, a strong, multi-layer, heat shrinkable polyolefin shrink film with seal and machine properties; Flexirap cling for sealing food items in containers.

Shrinath Rotopack, Hyderabad

Hall: 07.2/ A45

Shubham Flexible Packaging Machines, Faridabad

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-30

Sidsam Formilan Machines, Faridabad

Hall: 8B/ C04

Simplex Chemopack, Nagpur

Hall: 7.2/ A27

Skypack India, Haryana

Hall: 7.1/ A12

Sodaltech Exports, Coimbatore

Hall: 13/ C20

Specialty Polyfilms, Aurangabad

Hall: 7.2/ B25

SRF, Gurgaon

Hall: 7.2/ C21

Star Pac India, Chennai

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-36

Sterling Tapes, Gujarat

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-20

Sumilon Polyester, Surat
Hall: FG.9/ H9.1

Sweet Industries
Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-27

Synthetic Packers, Bengaluru

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-28

The company: Set up in 1981, in the last 35 years, Synthetic Packers has built a state-of-the-art infrastructure with latest technologies from around the world to set up multiple plants across India. The company customises the film according to the need of its customers. It manufactures wide width PE films up to 10.4m. It also manufactures nylon-based barrier film which is used for meat packing.

Product: Range of PE films for different customised industrial applications.

4 Tapes, Surendranagar

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-16

Target Innovations, Zuarinagar

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-34

Technofour Electronics, Pune

Hall: 8A/ E40

Unick Fix-a-Form and Printers, Ahmedabad

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-29

Vacmet India, Agra

Hall: 7/ A01

Vasantha Tool Crafts, Hyderabad

Hall: 8A/ E34

Vishakha Polyfab, Ahmedabad

Hall: 07.1/ C45

Vora Packaging, Mumbai

Hall: 7.1/ A07

Product: Screw caps / closures made of aluminium; cap closures; pump seals, manual; seals, protecting cap.

Warade PackTech, Pune

Hall: 8A/ D47

Product: Checkweighers.

Wonder Polymers, New Delhi

Hall: FG-EAST 15-2-12

Product: Adhesive tapes.

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