Impel-Bindwel backs the best of books Award for the 12th time

In this tete-a-tete with Pallippuram Sajith, group managing director of Impel-Bindwel, find-out about what goes into the selecting of the winners of the different categories of PrintWeek Awards.

The Bengaluru-based book manufacturer is sponsoring Book Printer of the Year (Print-on-Demand), Book Printer of the Year (Specialty and Trade), Book Education Company Of The Year, Book Printer of the Year (Education). Impel-Bindwel is also the Platinum Partner for PrintWeek Awards 2022.

12 Sep 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

Dibyajyoti Sarma (DS): You’ve remained a strong supporter of the PrintWeek Awards, one that celebrates excellence in print.
Pallippuram Sajith (PS):
PrintWeek Awards celebrates print in India and acts as an inspiring platform for participants to raise the bar. This Award show is probably one of the unique ones as the quality of the work is judged by print buyers. 

DS: What are the positive impacts of this association?
We enjoy the run up to the Awards – including encouraging good printers to participate in the competition - as it brings us closer to our customers. In the end, we get to see the best across various award categories in one room. 

DS: Why is it important to recognise the best work by the way of PW Awards?
It is important that any printer doing serious work, in any category, should send in their best works to be judged. Whether you get shortlisted or win is not the most important factor. When selecting your work for the awards, judge them yourself to see if they are the best. While doing so, contemplate on some of the small issues, what you could have done to better the results, and what you could have done more to delight your customers more. The Award is already won by the printer when she/he  selects the best of their work and sends it to the PW jury committee.

DS: The past 12 months have been difficult. What have been the most significant changes that you have seen? 
During the last 12 months, we have seen new opportunities come up. After the lull of almost two years, there is a resurgence in the requirement of products and services across different fields. There have been issues related to challenging supply chains and this has impacted costs and margins. In book printing, domestic educational publishing is booming. Additionally, more global publishers are looking at India as a viable alternative for outsourcing. 

DS: How was business?
: The year 2022 has been one of the best ever for us. During the last three years, despite challenges in demand due to the pandemic, we invested heavily into research and development. Due to this, we are now seeing the results.

DS: Which have been your key products, and why are they popular?
Book binding machines - be it a single clamp for the digital segment or the complete binding line for the integrated book printers - Bindwel has all the solutions. The demand for both is very good. We see upgrades across the book printing industry, and the need to have shorter turn arounds with low costs and waste is top priority. Our machines have the smallest footprints and power consumptions in their categories. They provide management information systems, are easy to maintain with built-in preventive systems and backed up by one of the best after sales support in the industry.   

DS: Have you launched any new product or service recently?
The Freedom 2K Short run binder is one such product. It can scan the QR code on a cover or book block and set the complete job in under a minute. Our BindLine inline solutions are fast catching up as the defacto solution for any medium to large production environment. 

DS: What is your outlook of the print industry segment you cater to?
Book printing is here to stay stable. The domestic demands for books have never been as good. There is a huge opportunity for Indian book printers to scale up and look at exports with renewed interest. We need to create capacities, market ourselves well, and deliver quality goods within the committed time period.  

DS: What, according to you, is the biggest risk for an Indian printer or converter today?
There are no real external challenges or threats that will play a spoiler to their plans. The Indian printer needs to believe in the trade that they are in and have confidence to scale up. Remaining sustainable in their business processes is very important as the times ahead will test us on the impact that we create on the environment.     

DS: What does it take for an Indian printer or converter to succeed? 
Always think from the customer’s point of view and see how we can make their products better; life easier. Continue investing in people and technology that will help you stay differentiated. Partner with suppliers who help you in enhancing your knowledge and who will invest in incremental innovations that will help you win a customer.

Impel-Bindwel backs opportunity to celebrate education books
This Award celebrates two things: education of children and production of textbooks. The Indian book print industry is doing a wonderful job at winning hearts (and business contracts).

During the last 12 months, innumerable new opportunities have come up. There is a book buzz. Yes, there have been issues related to challenging supply-chain and this has impacted costs and margins. But Indian book printing, especially domestic educational publishing is booming. Also, many international publishers are eyeing India as a viable alternative for outsourcing.

If your focus is the education sector then participate in the PrintWeek Book Education Company Of The Year 2022.

It’s one way to advertise the clout of the industry. Let publishers (and indeed schools, teachers, parents, and indeed students) that education book printing is booming. Share details about how you have invested and diversified into different product segments such as textbooks, hard case titles, activity books that complement the education sector.

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