IdeaWatch: Swati Pulley flow wrapper machine

The Swati Pulley flow wrapper machine packs single, solid products at high speeds in the form of a pillow pack.

02 Dec 2022 | By Noel D'Cunha

What is unique about the machine?
We have three models - Petit, Velopack and Velopack Max. Driven by the company's logic controller, the machine is very easy to use. It is an efficient machine with lower power consumption and wastage.

How is the power consumption different from the market standard?
The market standard for this is a minimum of one HP. The prime movers used for Swati Pulley machines are 0.25 HP (Petit, 1 KW total consumption), 0.75 HP (VeloPack 1.75 KW total consumption) and 0.75 HP (Velopack Max 3KW total power consumption).  The company has developed a specialised eye-mark correction and pouch length setting device for the machine, which is patent pending.

What is the speed of the machines?
Petit gives a maximum output of 70 PPM (pouches per minute) and Velopack 100 PPM. The Velopack Max machine is designed for very large products like rusk toast and large trays; hence it can run at a max of 50 PPM.

Other specifications?
Any horizontal flow wrap machine in the market weighs about 800-1500kgs. Swati Pulley machines are lightweight – Petit- 180kgs, Velopack- 380kgs and Velopack Max – 710kgs.

Where is it manufactured?
The machine is completely manufactured and assembled at the company's facility in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. This was a conscious decision made to maintain the quality standards of the product.

Describe the technology...
All three machines are horizontal flow wrapping machines powered by the patent-pending mechanical eye-mark correction device AccuWrap. The reason for developing a mechanical drive in a world full of servo motors was that they are more reliable, and the overall life of any mechanical device is always much longer than that of an electric one.

The drive offers the same accuracy as a servo motor does when it comes to eye-mark correction. It also is more economical for the user to replace AccuWrap in the event of a breakdown (servo motors are very expensive and tend to fail). During the design stage of the machine, we tried our best to minimise the number of mechanical settings on the machine as most of the time, the operator using the machine is unskilled. This was the reason behind designing our logic controller for the machine we brand Eyecon+.

When was it launched in India?
August 2020.

What segment is it aimed at?
Bakery, dairy, chocolates, confectionary, health foods like energy bars, scrubbers, stationary, cosmetics, and pharma.

What equipment does it work on?
AccuWrap (Patent pending).

How does it work?
The product is manually fed onto a conveyor. The conveyor carries the product into the machine, where the film is tucked under and over the product to cover it. The film is then sealed longitudinally and cut into separate pouches.

Is any tweak to the equipment required?
There are no tweaks required to the equipment. The machines have an option of nitrogen flushing for the customers' products. This increases the shelf life of the products.

What’s the USP?
Compact, economical, easy to use, easily movable and efficient.

The Velopack Max machine is designed for very large products 

How do you rank it in terms of the ‘aha’ factor?
On a scale of 1-10, it would be 7. 

How do you compare it with other similar products available in the market?
It would score high on ease of operation, size, weight and overall features at a lower price.

How easy is it to use?
Very. Unskilled persons can operate.

What is the cost?
Ranges from Rs 4.5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh.

Specification of the product...

  • Max Speed: Petit - 4000 products/hour, Velopack - 6000 products/hour, Velopack Max- 3000 products/hour.
  • Power consumption: Swati Pulley machines are of 0.25 HP (Petit, 1 KW total consumption), 0.75 HP (VeloPack 1.75 KW total consumption) and 0.75 HP (Velopack Max 3KW total power consumption)
  • Weight: Petit- 180kgs, Velopack- 380kgs and Velopack Max – 710kgs
  • Contact details:
    Omkar Chavan - /8605147900
    Mihir Amrite - /+91-7666591961


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