How Pamex 2023 roadshows drew the industry’s focus on emerging trends

Last week, Tushar Dhote shared how the core committee zeroed on the theme that focused on making print production efficient. In this fourth edition of his Column, Dhote discusses how the activities around Pamex 2023 picked up speed as the team moved towards the show

03 Feb 2023 | By Tushar Dhote

To begin with, the core-group members met virtually for the second round of meeting on 7 November 2023 to plan the structure of the conferences at the roadshows.

Convergence, which aligns with the future wave, comes as a subject that needs to be recognised and explored. 

It was evident that printers across the country were looking for diversification, upgradation and enhancement in terms of technology. And thus, it was agreed that "Convergence in Print- The Way Forward" would become the common topic of panel discussions at all promotional road shows of the event. 

These promotional events, planned in six cities of India- Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Pune, Indore, Bangalore and Haridwar, were aimed to eventually drive a large footfall to the show. 

Guwahati roadshow focus: The future of print
The first promotional event of Pamex 2023 was held in Guwahati on 27 November 2022, running parallel with the North East Print Tech Exhibition (NEPT) at Maniram Diwan Trade Centre. The conference, structured around the featured theme, saw an in-depth discussion on what convergence meant to the participating experts and delegates. 

Raghabendra Dutta Baruah moderated the session, general secretary, AIFMP and director Seven Star Publications, and the panellists in discussion included Mannu Choudhary, CDC Printers, Kolkata; Jumi Deka Choudhary Rumi Jumi Enterprises, Guwahati; Raj Kamal Gohain, Innovia Packaging Solutions, Guwahati and Aloke Hazarika, Konica Minolta, Kolkata.

The show, attended by more than 170 delegates, was inaugurated by Raveendra Joshi, president, AIFMP; Raghabendra Dutta Baruah; Pranab Talukdar, President, North East Print Tech; Dibyajyoti Kalita, president, All Assam Press Owners Association and Anil Arora, president, 

The panel discussion followed a presentation from Aloke Hazarika on Future of Digital Printing, where Hazarika spoke about the adoption and extensive application of digital printing. Samarendra Dash, DGM, sales – digital and offset printing system at TechNova, discussed the topic - Next opportunities in print, focusing on enhancing offset and integrating digital printing. Vikas Verma, product manager, digital products and solutions, Monotech took on the topic – Beyond CMYK: An inevitable facet of print, highlighting how marketers value print enhancement and embellishments.

The final talk, conducted by Surendra Dhote, managing director, Bharat Lithographing, gave an insight into - Green press and waste control. The discussion engaged the audience and introduced them to some of the inevitable advancements shaping the industry's future.

Ahmedabad roadshow: enchasing opportunities
Ahmedabad was the second promotional stop, from where the theme of 'Convergence in print' was further taken to the grassroots of the printing fraternity.

The event, held on 9 December 2022 at Hyatt, was structured around a half-day conference and a full-day tabletop exhibition. Organised by All India Federation of Master Printers and Ahmedabad Printing Press Association, in association with, Vadodara Master Printer's Association, Maninagar Printing Press Owners Association, Printers Association Amdavad and Mehsana Printers Association supported the show.

The successively running theme - Convergence in Print - The Way Forward, was led by Ranesh Bajaj, Vinsak India, who moderated the panel discussion at the event. The panellists who spoke about the application and need for convergence included Manish Desai, Mudrika Labels; HyumaMahadevia, Yamir Packaging; Mudresh Purohit, Surya Offset; and Sanat Gandhi, Pelican Rotoflex. 

More than 125 delegates attended the event here.

Pawandeep Sahni of Omet India joined to share his spellbinding presentation on - The convergence mindset- How to encash on the biggest opportunity in print.' Sahni took the example of Apple and the launch of the first iPhone, which saw the coming together of a wide-screen iPod with touch controls; a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communication device in a single instrument to highlight how a convergence mindset can change a company's fortune. 

However, Sahni cautioned, "It is imperative to combine convergence with an apposite machine to create the difference and have the desired outcome."

Bajaj of Vinsak India discussed - Connected packaging. He introduced the word 'phygital' – the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world with the physical world to provide a unique interactive experience for the user. He also spoke about the importance of track and trace, which prevents customers from purchasing counterfeit items and makes it extremely difficult for counterfeiters to mimic packaging.

Pamex 2023, scheduled to be held from 27-30 March at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, will present an amalgamation of traditional and modern technologies. These promotional events planned in various cities preview what is awaiting at the main show.

(Tushar Dhote is co-chairman of Pamex. This is the fourth in a series of weekly Tushar Dhote Columns, which will continue till the commencement of Pamex 2023 in Mumbai. In his next, Dhote will give a head-up on subsequent roadshows. Stay tuned in…)