Global 5 Technologiess highlights its premium product range at Media Expo

Global 5 Technologiess booked orders worth Rs 8 crore at Media Expo hosted recently in Mumbai, when the PrintWeek India team of Abhishek Muralidharan and Sujith Ail spent time at the stall

05 Apr 2019 | By PrintWeek India

There were a lot of firsts at the Media Expo. For starts, Global 5 Technologiess represented Valor5, a finishing kit for the signage industry. Plus, there was the CO2 laser machine, fibre laser, CNC router, channel letter bender, welder, clincher, and so on.

Prashant Khomne of Global 5 Technologiess said, “We were sceptical about the result because we had a premium product range. Due to today’s tough market situation, the customer is looking for an economically suitable option. But as more and more Media Expo visitors attended the demonstrations, and saw the different applications, they were impressed with the speed, quality, accuracy and precision as well as the user-friendly controller and software.”

While speaking exclusively to PrintWeek India, Khomne said, “In the present market scenario, the USP of the industry is, every DPSP (digital print service provider) is looking for expansion which will help him to make more profit. So the trend is PSPs are looking for a good quality solution in the letter signage.”

This is the reason the Pune-headquartered company is offering quality letter benders, CNC routers for 3D diamond letter and fibre laser for 3D metal letters as well as finishing products like CO2 laser, digital cutting creasing and routing table, rolls roller for masking, mounting and laminating and waterjet, etc.

The PrintWeek India team spent time studying the fibre laser, CNC router, channel letter bender. The fibre laser is a combination of an innovative dual ballscrew. It is mainly used to cut metal like SS, MS with IPG (Germany). In today’s eco-system of the quick turnaround, it provides precise cutting quality, fast speed, lower running cost and low maintenance cost.

Meanwhile, the CNC router is deployed for the signage industry for cutting non-metal like acrylic, MDF, plywood as well as aluminium, copper, and brass. The machine is designed for stability, reliability, durability and perfect cutting quality. It’s the most popular CNC routers with ATC (automatic tool changer) for premium customers.

The channel letter bender (Bender X) is designed especially for bending the aluminium, SS, profiles signs as well as coils. Also, Global 5 Technologiess has the Bender Classic which is a unique bender in the industry with functions like flanging, notching, side-cut, v-cut and bending which is facilitated due to three Japanese servo motors. This bender is used for making big letters of the height of 10-20-ft size letters.

Finishing is the focus for the Global 5 Technologiess team in 2019 and 2020. Khomne sees industries like retail, mobile manufacturers, FMCG and garment being bullish in the b- and c-tier cities. Khomne said, “These industries are focusing on these cities as they believe equal opportunities lies in these cities. This could be seen through upcoming malls and transport projects plus spending pattern of the people from these cities.”

The Global 5 Technologiess offers an OEM agreement with a proper emphasis on R&D. Khomne said, “All the spares used in the machines are of companies (from Japan, Italy and the US) which are covered under global warranty. In addition, they are easily available and replaceable. The thing is, we look at an uninterrupted completion of the project in the desired time without challenges.”

He added, “In case of HP products, the company has come up with wonderful support in terms of finance (HPFS). As far as our finishing products, we have NBFC support. We provide consultancy for a complete end to end setup. We have a well-trained team for service support.”

Global 5 Technologiess is developing a Centre of Experience and Training which will have a facility with the latest equipment along with an application gallery. Khomne is clear it will boast of “a training division which will be taken care by professionals who will conduct training to our customer and they will have hands-on time on the equipment. Also, we will conduct software training to equip them for new challenges of the industry.”

Khomne concluded, “Today, the top PSPs have shifted their focus from mainstream printing to interior décor and value addition. Everyone knows, only this can ensure fabulous business and a robust bottom line. At Global 5 Technologiess, we are trying to be future-ready like our customers — and their customers."

User Review

Prabhat Signs grows 5x with Valor5
Kapil Purandare of Pune-based Prabhat Signs has installed the Valor5 in his premises to boost the calibre of channel letters, rooftop signs, and shopfront signs for hospitals, real estate, hotels, corporate, retail outlet segment.

After deploying Valor5, it has improved the efficiency of Prabhat Signs. Purandare said, “Labour cost has reduced and we get precision in the manufacturing of letters.”
There are many projects which Prabhat Signs have successfully completed. Purandare said, “Projects which seems to be an impossible task for other vendors we can complete easily within the deadline.”

One project had a timeline of 20 to 25 days with skilled manpower. However, thanks to Valor5, the project was completed on the sixth day evening. Puranadre said, “It boosted our confidence vis-à-vis the Valor5 equipment. I am proud to say that our business has grown five times after installing the Valor.


Tech specs: Valor5
CO2 Metal + Non mental
100W Fiber laser
CNC (MD) Router with ATC
Bender Classic
Bender X
Laser welder

Star products at the 84-m Global 5 Technologiess stall
Valor5 Fiber Laser with 1000 watt IPG Source
HP Latex 570 and the newly launched print and cut 335
CNC Router with 9.6 kw HSD Spindle with ATC (automatic tool changer)
Channel Letter Bender - used to bend both profiles and coil