Gaurav Agrawal: We deliver more than the expectation of the customers

Agarwal Printers is based in Siliguri, West Bengal and caters to the pharmaceutical industry with commercial jobs. The company believes that Siliguri will become the hub for the print industry in Eastern India

17 Jun 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Gaurav Agrawal of Agarwal Printers, Siliguri

Q: How did you stay in touch with your staff during the lockdown?
We have 12 employees and right now they are at their homes.

Q: Describe the work your firm does
We do commercial as well as pharmaceutical jobs.

Q: One top job that built your reputation...
Sikkim governor’s book.

Q: Which territories do you serve?
Sikkim, Assam, Bhutan, Nepal and the local market.

Q: Which type of markets do you serve?
Commercial market as well as pharmaceutical market.

Q: What equipment do you run?
We have an in-house pre-press unit, Kodak Achive Platesetter, RMGT 760, and fully-equipped post-press services.

Q: The first kit you will invest in 2020/2021...
Due to the lockdown, we are not planning any investment. However, we will prefer to buy an automated folding machine.

Q: What’s the USP of your factory operations?
We deliver more than the expectation of the customers.

Q: Something out-of-the box that print can do, which could benefit the planet
Moving towards the use of more recycled papers.

Q: Your proudest achievement...
Getting praised by the governor for his book.

Q: Where do you see print in your city in five years’ time?
Making Siliguri a hub for the print industry in Eastern India.

Trivia Time

One trivia about Siliguri’s history...
During the British Raj, carts used to carry goods from Siliguri to Darjeeling, so the entire stretch of road till Darjeeling is called Hill Cart Road.

Agarwal favourite song during the lockdown...
Jeena yaha marna yaha...