From nail technology to flexo platemaking: How Nalani Madhushani navigates two different worlds - The Noel DCunha Sunday Column

Nalani Madhushani successfully transitioned from the artistry of nail technology to the precision-driven world of flexo platemaking. Madhushani explains her strategic pivots, creative insights, and unwavering determination that have ensured her success across two distinct business domains

24 Mar 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

Coming from a lineage of esteemed professionals including doctors, lawyers, and politicians, my aspirations initially leaned towards law, envisioning a thriving career as a criminal lawyer. However, fate had different plans. Transitioning into entrepreneurship within the beauty sector became my next pursuit. Following my graduation, I ventured to the UK to specialise in nail technology, a pioneering niche within the beauty industry at the time.

Embarking on my journey as a qualified nail aesthetician, I found myself representing Creative Nails, a premier American brand, in the Middle East. Spearheading technical sales and training across the GCC, I honed my expertise. Furthering my skills with an advanced course in Germany, I emerged as one of the few elite nail technicians in the region. Catering to a clientele ranging from celebrities to royalty, each day presented new and fulfilling experiences.

A pivotal shift occurred when I chose to settle in India post-marriage. While acclimating to the language, culture, and surroundings proved challenging initially, the unwavering support of my new family facilitated a smooth transition. Eager to continue pursuing my passion, I established a nail tech academy alongside my own nail bar in Bengaluru. Empowering aspiring technicians and servicing distinguished clients, life regained its fast-paced rhythm.

Over the years, amidst managing business endeavours, familial responsibilities, and personal aspirations, my journey led me to Veepee Graphic Solutions, a domain previously unfamiliar to me. Initially tasked with mundane activities, my involvement gradually expanded, culminating in overseeing operations and spearheading critical projects, even amid adversities like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite lacking formal education or prior expertise in the field, my relentless drive for learning propelled me forward. Challenging conventions in male-dominated industries, whether in beauty or real estate, became a defining aspect of my journey. Embracing roles traditionally reserved for men, I’ve strived to foster inclusivity and empower women within our organisation and beyond.

While navigating the complexities of business, I’ve upheld principles of tolerance and respect, yet maintained zero tolerance for breaches in professionalism. Guided by the legacy of Veepee’s founder and supported by mentors like my mother-in-law, I’ve remained committed to driving positive change and breaking stereotypes.

As Veepee continues to expand its footprint and influence, I’ve embraced new roles, including serving as the face of the company in the social domain. Through perseverance and dedication, I’ve earned the trust and confidence of our clients, cementing my position as a reliable ally in times of need.

Looking ahead, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of excellence, driven by the belief that success stems not from credentials but from leveraging innate abilities and seizing opportunities. With each milestone achieved, I’m reminded that obstacles are merely stepping stones on the path to realising one’s dreams.

Rapidfire Qs

Describe yourself in five words...
Go getter, fighter, logical thinker, punctual, empathiser.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
Lioness. Always there for her pride and also the Lion.

Scale of 1 to 10: how cool are you?

Have you ever tried to do something and you knew that you were going to be really bad at it, but you did it anyway? And what was it?
What I did to the Sri Lankan company; a loss making company to a profitable entity in 365 days.

What is your favorite word in another language?
Macha, typical Sri Lankan.

What is your favourite dessert?
Dark chocolate.

Your favourite adda in Bengaluru?

One thing about Bengaluru not many know about?
Was called the garden city once upon a time.

If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?