Folder-gluer: Top picks - Shanghai Eternafs E-fold and E-fold Elite

The folder gluer machines by Shanghai Eternaf cater to all segments of the market, plus, they are versatile and reliable

25 Apr 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

90 plus.

The E-fold and E-fold Elite are versatile machines that can not only handle different designs — straight line, double wall, crash lock-bottom, four, six-corner, specialised cartons, it can also handle different materials — FBB, duplex, three-ply corrugated, and clear cartons, at speed up to 420-mpm. The sizes range from 550-mm to 2.7-m wide. Manufactured by Shanghai Eterna, a Bobst group company, they come with after-sales support from Suba Solutions, which also offers customised attachments for B-type asymmetrical corrugated cartons.

(Suba Solutions represents Shanghai Eterna in India)