First Impressions at the Bindwel stall

Bindwel at Drupa 2024 is highlighting the future of bookbinding. Its mantra at the show is 7 out of 10 books produced in India have been touched by Bindwel machines, services, or adhesives. To celebrate this achievement, Team Bindwel has been showcasing the innovations and advancements by Indian book print firms that have shaped the industry. Do read the profile of Delhi-based First Impressions.

31 May 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

(l-r) Dhurv Goel and Sanjay Goel

Who: First Impressions

Where: In New Delhi. 90,000 sq/ft factory. 40 machines that produce 30L books per month.

Best book which First Impressions has manufactured: The Dubai Fashion Week magazine which was fully varnished with leafing and UV.

Most complex book that First Impressions has produced: An education book for Brijbasi Art Press. It included multiple processes and top quality finishing.

The type of Bindwel kit Team First Impressions prefers: BW@2500. It is very easy-to-operate and guarantees all types of binding.

What does the BW@2500 do?: Perfect binding of all formats of books. Very reliable and robust production machine. First Impressions has been deploying the older version since 2009. Four years ago, in 2019, First Impressions installed the BW@2500. A very good machine with excellent quality. 

What does First Impressions do? First Impressions caters to the domestic as well as export markets with the BW@2500. The First Impressions factory boasts of a Bindline 5000, which includes a 16-station Signa Gatherer, Freedom 5K binder, and a conveyor connected to a Trimit 30C three-knife trimmer.  The Bindline 5000 is deployed for medium to long run jobs

How does the BW@2500 work?: It works like butter (Makkhan ki tarah chalta hai). That's why the First Impressions team likes this machine.  

What is the USP for the BW@2500?:  Easy-to-use and good quality and real value for money. First Impressions deploys this machine 24x7 in the peak seasons

How easy is it to operate?: Very easy. The BW@2500 six-clamp has a major share of the market so it can easily get the operators. For the Bindline 5000 First Impressions has dedicated operators as this is more of a complete processing line.

How does Team Bindwel bridge the gap between pre-press and dispatch?: Before Bindwel, the bottleneck used to be in finishing. Now there is no gap left after their arrival. This ensures quality with speed which they deliver. The after-sales service is excellent.

One thing about Bindwel which very few know: First Impressions has imported machines for its pre-press and printing departments, but thanks to Bindwel, they have world class machines for bookbinding. Team Bindwel has done well in markets like Middle East Asia and Africa.