Fespa Awards 2014: India's show of strength

Indian print firms have been long showcasing their prowess on the international platform; be it at Drupa or at the most recent, Fespa Digital. In this 'delayed gratifying' post, we feature four print firms who etched their prints at the Fespa Digital Awards 2014 in Munich, Germany. The winners were announced during a gala dinner on 22 May.

12 Sep 2014 | By Tanvi Parekh

Marvel Graphic Studio won the Gold and the Silver for the fine art print of the year category, Keetronics (I) won the Bronze in the functional print of the year category, Pramukh Embroidery claimed the Bronze in the garment decoration of the year category, and Perfect Packaging won the Bronze for special effects print of the year category.

Keetronics: Second time entrant; bagged award for the first time - a Bronze in the Functional Print of the Year category.
Marvel Graphic Studio: Their first was Fespa 2013. Both the years, Marvel has, across categories, won several awards. Fespa 2013: Five awards (one Gold, One SIlver, three Bronze) and Fespa 2014: Two awards (one Gold, one Silver).
Perfect Packaging: Returned to Fespa Awards after its maiden participation, Perfect Packaging has an all-win record. A Gold and Bronze in 2007 and a Bronze this year for the Special Effects Print of the Year category.
Pramukh Embroidery: This first-time entrant brought home a Bronze in the Garment Decoration category.
Keetronics: "The entries submitted," says Shreya Kavishwar, production manager, "were not specially produced for the award entry. This is the standard quality that we maintain on our shopfloor." 

Everyone is encouraged with award. As we say, the success is not one person's achievement, it is the result of team work; from the designers to the packagers."
Marvel Graphic Studio: Says Dhanvi Shah, "The team is really excited to know that their efforts are being appreciated and acknowledged internationally amidst nations, were technology is much advanced and easy to access." For Marvel the international recognition has brought them newer and more opportunities. "Since the last 1.5 years, we have received several offers to exhibit the prints internationally have also been receiving many inquiries from overseas clients for the distribution and sale of our products. 
Perfect Packaging: The Perfect team is excited. "This award has come as a true inspiration and acknowledgement for our creative team. And along with it comes the goodwill and satisfaction," said Chetan Shah, co-partner. 
Pramukh Embroidery: International awards such as this, are a disguised opportunity to accelerate business and build trust, for Sameer Jansari. "Having won an award in the very first year of participation is a great achievement for the team. The Fespa Bronze has brought home a sense of achievement and responsibility to 
produce more work and bring on the shelves many more awards."
Keetronics: Consistent quality.
Marvel Graphic Studio: Cost, quality and authenticity - ‘Art for All’ – we wish to produce limited editions which are affordable, authentic and best in quality. We want to give our customers the best results and those who cannot afford the expensive artworks but love art they too can have easy access to art in the form of affordable limited edition prints that we produce.
Perfect Packaging: Let's do it!
Pramukh Embroidery: Give it all u have...You will get back the best.
Keetronics: "We need to meet the growing needs of the customers by adding new technologies and adapting new processes," says Kavishwar.

Marvel Graphic Studio: For Shah, the Indian print industry, as a whole should take the best of the samples of the Indian printers to the world and exhibit to give the world a glimpse of the capabilities we possess. "It is not the job of one printer or a couple of printers – printing firms with the government support have to get under one roof and present themselves to the world. Once the world acknowledges you, Indian companies can get orders and funds to create world class presses by bringing in international techniques."  

Perfect Packaging: Digital has carved its own area of application. For short-run jobs it may score a few points but it seems difficult to create a mark in the area of long-run jobs. As compared to leading printers of the world, we have to develop a lot in our infrastructure, technology, creativity and vision to work on an international scale.

Challenges for the Indian print firms are that of the mindset. We have the knowledge but it is the widening of the mindset that will give us a big leap and a good opening in the international market. 

In the last decade, a lot of presses have seen an entry of the young generation who have a lot of positivity and energy to trim the differences.

Pramukh Embroidery: "Printing in India is in its prima facie. It is not yet renowned globally and the Indian industry needs to built a very strong sense of knowledge in the country all over. There is immense opportunity in store for all of us because the country has a lot to give from all that it takes," says Jansari.