Exhibitor Speak: Roberto Guillen Guillen of Venture Electronic

PWI speaks to Roberto Guillen Guillen of Venture Electronic, an exhibitor at Labelexpo India 2012.

31 Oct 2012 | By Gokul Krishnamurthy

Venture Electronic is represented by Mumbai-based Malhotra Graphics and it’s our first appearance.

At the show, we are showcase our VIP colour solution – VP 485 and VP 495. The system is based on HP inkjet technology and is targeted at companies that have small run needs (below 10-15 thousand units design) for which the system demonstrates being the most cost efficient. Any company that wants to have instant premium quality colour labels, at fixed cost regardless of quantity and at a low investment, the VIP Colour solution is the perfect machine.

The solution targets the outdoor label market as no other brand in the segment is doing. Sectors like food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, hardware, retail are some examples of highly penetrated markets. Also print houses find a fantastic complement that allows covering small run orders at a very affordable cost, keeping all quality and providing more flexibility.

Trends in the last five years

Talking about international trends, there is no doubt that moving to digital is some years away, but it will increase in future. That’s because the print run are becoming shorter due to several factors like – economic crisis, taste for customised labels, regulations and faster response time requirements.

Obviously incorporating colour is a trend, as labels are recognised to be part of the product, which helps to position and give revenue arguments to manufacturer.

Input costs like raw material etc are always a constraint but again an opportunity for developers like us; looking for cost effective new solutions should be in mind of every solutions provider.

 At the show, I see more or less all the trends present; and our products are trying to combine them in the most sensible way.

Similar technology on show

Competition is always good and a sign of the market being alive and dynamic. Our solutions though still enjoy a level of uniqueness, especially when talking about our new VP495, which finally solves outdoor short run colour label demand. When talking about digital colour my impression is that demand grows much faster than solutions. Shows like this must be about what the market is demanding; new technologies or new applications mean the same from end customer standpoint. And this end customer view is what we should follow.

Labelexpo takeaway

India is a prominent emerging market also for labels; and that trends that you can perceive in the rest of the world are perfectly applicable to this enormous and dynamic economy. I think these are times to be be open minded to look for efficient solutions that manufactures are providing, moving out from old solutions in cases they are not fitting with their needs in this ever changing world.