Exhibitor Speak: Frank Timmen, area sales manager of GSE Dispensing

PWI speaks to Frank Timmen, area sales manager of GSE Dispensing, an exhibitor at Labelexpo India 2012.

01 Nov 2012 | By PrintWeek India

PrintWeek India team talked to Frank Timmen of GSE Dispensing, the Holland based GSE  which was founded in 1975. They have been active in the Indian market for the last four years with help of its Indian representatives, International Caliber. They displayed the Perfect Proofer at their stall at the Labelexpo.

Possibilities in the Indian Market
FDI in retail is going to provide an impetus to the printing fraternity in the country and we see immense opportunity in the Indian market. The printers all across the globe and especially in India mainly focus on productivity; they wish to increase their volumes in order to rope in more business. Our dispensing systems help the printer increase his volumes by adding to the efficiency of their press. Most of the Indian printers still prepare their colours manually, which is time consuming and a very difficult process when you have to replicate the same colour again. Moreover, most of the prospective clients that we have visited use their presses to take a trial print, which diminishes the productivity of the press.
What GSE offers...   
GSE offers pre-press solutions such as colour dispensers (Colorsat series) and proofers to its prospective Indian customers. Our automatic dispensing gives you control over colour preparations. All you have to do is provide the system with the pantone specifications and the system will replicate the colour with perfect precision, which is not possible when the task is performed manually. Once the system makes a colour it will store its recipe in the database and it can be recalled whenever the need arises. Another feature of our dispensing system is that you can integrate a spectrophotometer, which can be used to generate the recipe for any new colour. Our dispenser will help in standardising the colour making process. 
Cutting Down Wastage  
Another feature of our dispensing system is minimal wastage. When we visited some of the printers, we noticed huge amount of ink that has been wasted and dumped. If these printers had an automatic colour dispensing system, they could have re-used excess ink to make a different shade of the same colour. The colour dispensing system also helps in saving time for the user, which is spent on preparation of the inks. The Perfect Proofer is a great time saver as well, imagine the press time that can saved if the press is relieved of the duty of making proofs.
Difference between the European and Indian market
The use of automatic dispensing system is almost a norm in Europe, while here in India a large chunk of the printers still use manual labour to produce their inks or they outsource it. Our aim is to educate the Indian printers about the benefits of an automatic dispensing system, it not only eliminates most of the human errors, but it also increases their productivity and efficiency.