Eli Grinberg: Digital press process is less wasteful, cleaner, and faster

Scodix CEO, general manager and co-founder Eli Grinberg in conversation with PrintWeek

08 Feb 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

Eli Grinberg

PrintWeek (PW): Tough 18 months. Your learnings from 2021...
Eli Grinberg (EG):
The pandemic is a historic period in our lifetime. My learnings so far are what I already believed – a business can continue even with an interruption such as Covid-19. The company’s flexibility to adapt, a good product, and having dedicated people to step up to a new challenge are vital. Luckily for Scodix, we possess these things.

PW: How have your company and factory sites responded to the challenges of the Covid era? Anything on the ideas front? Any new research or innovation?
We launched the new Scodix Ultra 1000’s series of presses during the pandemic in September 2020, which further assisted with our vision of penetrating more into the packaging industry, especially with the B1 format. Our inventory was well stocked, so we did not have to interrupt deliveries with the onset of the supply shortages.

In addition, the Scodix Studio W2P and W2Pack automation platforms have also been launched in the past two years. They further helped our customers increase productivity as the world moved online so quickly since March 2020.

PW: The pandemic has impacted India’s prospects to become a USD 5-trillion economy by FY25. However, has the last quarter’s numbers reposed faith in the Indian market?
Scodix has always had a belief in the strength of the Indian market. The printers were early adopters of Scodix digital enhancements, and the work is stunning and innovative. I look forward to the continued partnership between Scodix and the Indian print market.

PW: Brands (FMCG and non-FMCG) are seeking more and more from print and packaging. As a global manufacturing brand, how can our industry cater to the new normal of - gaining speed; more flexibility; profit-centric approach; and lower carbon footprint?
Digital presses are the way forward, especially with embellishments, simply because the process is less wasteful, cleaner, and faster. These three components alone add value for any print service provider and brand. Brands are a significant driving force in our industry, and we see ourselves as their business innovator drivers. Digital industrial presses, such as ours, are continually pushing the limits to increase speed, add flexibility and provide better environmental solutions.

PW: How should print adopt marketing strategies that promote the print brand beyond the function of product or service? One school of thought is, the key is to do more than meet consumers’ immediate needs. What is your view?
We have many customers that are marketing specialty print providers. They work with brands to produce a print with enhancement and a concept and value analysis. The concepts included are based on consumer research that the brand and printer use to develop a product that increases sales.

PW: 77% of Indian consumers are actively engaging with sustainability. These consumers will invest time and money in companies that try to do good. Three sustainable actions you have undertaken in the past year that you can share with us?
Scodix solutions are approved for recycling. We still support the environment by eliminating plates, dies, moulds, solvents or chemicals. The Scodix polymers are certified as having no VOC emissions. Plus, Scodix has created an exclusive sustainability department within its structure. We print on CYMK prints that our customers and suppliers supply. Our customers and suppliers mostly are forest sustainability certified.

PW: Is there a Green Gap between what our industry talks about; and the rest of society? For example, the industry uses terms such as “biodegradable” and “circular economy”. How can we bridge the knowledge gap?
Through education. Scodix does it through easy access and explanations of the sustainability story of our company (brochures, presentations, and videos) on the web, social media and other public platforms.

PW: Any lessons you can share from a customer that have been resilient or innovative (and flourished) during the past 18 months?
Three areas come to mind on how our customers prevailed during the pandemic. The Anstadt Company – Matt Doran, CEO, stated that Scodixwas the most powerful brand equity building tool in its arsenal. The pandemic showed the power of digital with quick turnaround and easier processes for brands. CZK – Piotr Kulikowski, digital print director had commented that during the pandemic new leads had come from the combo of HP and Scodix. Supply and demand are key. LPI Letterhead produced Halloween boxes on the fly for Kate Weiser Chocolate and delivered the results.

PW: Your plans for 2022?
To become the world’s largest digital provider of industrial product enhancement  and decoration solutions.

PW: One outrageous prediction for the year to come ...
As Scodix is a publicly traded company, I cannot provide an outrageous prediction, but I do hope that the world will open and tradeshows will come back.


  • How do you unwind?
    Cycling and spending time with family.
  • One piece of music you love?
    Daft Punk’s R.A.M.
  • Favourite film?
    Pulp Fiction.
  • Three books by your bedside?
    Sapiens:Start-up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer; Principles by Ray Dalio; and A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.
  • One thing about print you always utter in a public forum?
    The enhancement is the last part in the printing process that will become digital, and Scodix is leading this revolution.
  • Recent packaging innovation that you loved?
    Xiaomi smartphone packaging with Scodix.
  • One tech-guru (past or present) you want to meet - and why?
    Johannes Gutenberg, his innovation started a huge revolution that is still rolling.