Drupa shopping: "Will choose between Kodak and Indigo," says Nitin Gami

With Drupa 2012 in the offing, Nitin Gami of Perfect Scan speaks to PrintWeek India about the dream kit he would like to invest in at the show.

13 Jan 2012 | By PrintWeek India

It is almost four months to the run-up to Drupa 2012, how do you rate your company’s performance in the current scenario?
Since the company’s incorporation, we have expanded consistently. Progressively, the company’s performance has hiked by 30-40%.

What investments are you focused on which you think is a must for your organisation?
Having to function in the digital field, it becomes our core requirement to be technology-updated. We specialise in mall decorations, so I would seek innovations by multi-national companies. I plan to invest in post-press equipment and on digital for better performance.

Which product will you invest in to compete at the highest level?
Kodak and Indigo are the two names. I plan to invest in one of them to combat competition.