Drupa 2024 Preview: Indian Exhibitors

Drupa 2024 is back after eight long years and will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from May 28 to June 7. In this special series, PrintWeek presents a primer for the Indian exhibitors to watch out for at the show.

27 May 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

There are 61 Indian companies at Drupa this year, making a big impression on the global stage

Acme Rolltech (Hall 12/B52)
Acme Rolltech will highlight its ATAC 2.0 anilox for the screen type raised effect and its new ACE (advanced channel engravings). The ATAC 2.0 was launched during Labelexpo Brussels 2023, and ACE was launched during Labelexpo India 2022. At Drupa, the company will display samples of these for customers. Sandeep Sharma, director of Acme Rolltech, said that the ATAC 2.0 helps achieve the screen type raised effect with Anilox in a single pass.

Autoprint (Hall 6/C51)
Autoprint Machinery has announced that it will showcase a range of its machines at Drupa, including the newly introduced UV coating machine and its flagship inspection machine, Checkmate 50. The Autoprint Fine Coat 105 drip-off and UV coating machine is an offline two-tower drip-off UV and aqueous coating machine. It can be used for drip-off, full UV, and many others. The two-tower coating unit ensures drip-off coating in one go. Other coatings can be done using the second tower. On the other hand, the Autoprint Checkmate 50, a carton inspection machine, was launched eight years ago. 70 units of this machine have been sold in India and abroad. This machine can segregate the good and defective cartons, which can be analysed further. The Checkmate 50 integrates software algorithms to enable the machine to detect even the smallest printing defects.

Bindwel (Hall 6/B04)
Bindwel will be showing the concepts and products for the first time at Drupa 2024. The first is the Bindwel Insta. The Insta can capture job information from the workflow and prepare to switch from one job to another quickly. The Insta can also read QR codes and set the machine using a book measurement device. The cover’s integrity with the book block is maintained, and the wrong covers are removed. Trimming options are available for covers with extra width. The second machine, Bindwel Ekam, mimics the production philosophy of the FMCG arena by showcasing a system designed for a specific yet popular standard range of book formats. 

The Ekam promises to drive down machine complexity while enhancing automation, optimise space requirements by 50%, optimise machine parts by 15%, and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. All of this leads to more productivity at much lesser costs. Between the two, there will be the Bindwel Freedom on the company’s Drupa stand, which provides extreme flexibility for on-demand, short, or medium runs with a wide range of formats.

For example, the Freedom 2K and Freedom 5K models of perfect binders provide extreme flexibility and can change from one format to another in less than a minute. Additionally, it can be connected to gatherers, book block feeders, and trimmers inline to provide a complete binding solution.

DesignNbuy (Hall 7A/B03)
DesignNbuy will participate in Drupa 2024 to display its next-gen web-to-print features. The company will demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the industry with smart suggestions and automated tasks. Its advanced design studio offers endless creative possibilities, and its new features will help streamline workflows, making it easy to configure custom options and pricing. DesignnBuy is keeping some of its most exciting features under wraps until Drupa. Attendees can discover the power of AI in web-to-print and explore never-before-seen features that will transform their business.

Image Gravures (Hall 13/A12)
Gandhinagar, Gujarat-based Image Gravures will showcase its products, including rotogravure printing rollers, anilox rollers and embossing rollers.
Nitin Kale of Image Gravures said the company manufactures precise and dynamically balanced customised rotogravure printing rollers for laminates, flexible packaging and coating. “Our products help shorten makeready time. They offer perfect target colour matching. They are made for high-speed printing,” he added. The company will also highlight its embossing rollers for leather.

Line O Matic (Hall 11/A12)
Line O Matic is a well-known company in the stationery, converting, printing, and packaging industry. At Drupa 2024, the company will showcase four of their prominent machines — Bolt RB 104, Apex RS165, Spiro B340, and STM 125. Among these, Bolt RB104 is the company’s flagship fully automatic exercise book machine, while Apex RS165 is a folio-size sheeter. The Spiro B340 D is a manual bunch feeding unit, while STM 125 is an automatic reel-to-reel flexo printing machine.

NBG Printographic Machinery (Hall 12/A36)
NBG will display a range of its flexo, web offset, and cutting solutions at Drupa. At the show, NBG will specifically highlight its Starflex flexo printing machines, which can be used for printing a broad spectrum of applications. The Starflex range includes both narrow and wide web options, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern printing environments. These machines have been instrumental in enhancing production capabilities at prominent Indian companies like Kumar Labels, DJS Printers, Canpac, and MK Eco Pack, where the presses are used for printing labels, food packaging, and e-commerce bags. Star and Newsprint web offset presses, ExActus precision sheet cutters, and Rollstar slitter rewinder. “These products demonstrate NBG’s holistic approach to addressing various facets of the printing and packaging industries. By integrating advanced technology and design, each machine is engineered to enhance productivity and meet the evolving demands of our global clientele,” said Nitin Garg of NBG.

OnPrintShop (Hall 7A/D21)
OnPrintShop is gearing up to showcase web-to-print advancements with a brand-new version at Drupa 2024. The company has been a web-to-print and print automation provider for over 2,000 businesses. It will showcase new upgrades, including faster speed, new B2B features (like volume pricing and quick order lists), 3D visualisations, analytics and reporting tools, and workflow automation, streamlining processes and increasing productivity across the print operation.

Pratham Technologies (Hall 6/D38)
At Drupa, Pratham has booked a 188-sqm stand. In insert-outserts, Pratham claims that it is at par with global leaders. But at Drupa, Pratham will be showing a robotic tray packaging machine. It will be a first-time innovation, and it could be the first in the world, claims the company. Pratham did not disclose the model name but said it is an end-of-the-line packaging system. Today, there is a human resource crunch in Europe and the USA. It’s become one of their main problems. 

Pratham saw this as an opportunity to develop an automatic machine that could replace human intervention. Besides, the company will also launch the Superfold pile feeder PF 53, an automatic outserts and inserts folding machine. The outserts feeder machine is specially designed for handling think folding applications, while the insert is a high-speed feeder machine designed for handling Bible and coater paper.

SASG UV Solutions (India) (Hall 5/A05)
The company is set to exhibit an LED UV Curing System at Drupa. This system boasts consistent print quality, shorter lead times, no ozone smell, environment friendliness, and compatibility with a variety of special media. This curing system, according to SASG, uses an eighth of the power consumed by a conventional curing system. The unit generates much less heat because it does not produce infrared lights. The speed of this press is 8,000 to 12,000 sheets per hour. Apart from this, the company will also showcase their EPS system, UV Interdeck, Aniloc Coater, UV lamps, and accessories related to the machine.

TPH Orient (Hall 16/A11)
This year at Drupa, Orient is set to unveil India’s first fully domestically manufactured seven-colour inkjet printing machine. This groundbreaking innovation not only showcases Orient’s prowess in technological innovation but also underscores its commitment to driving India’s manufacturing capabilities to new heights. Alongside the seven-colour inkjet printing machine, Orient will also showcase its high-speed automatic folder-gluer, further cementing its position as an industry leader in printing and packaging solutions. Complemented by its high-speed flexographic printing machine and a comprehensive range of printing and packaging consumables, Orient offers end-to-end solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.


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