DMI re-launched: good news for screen printing

Last week, I met Bhargav Mistry and his Sancho Panza - Shripad Bhatt - at their office in Vile Pare East.

11 May 2015 | By Ramu Ramanathan

Over cups of green tea and industry gossip, I was delighted to hear about the re-booting of the DMI Dhirubhai Mistry Institute for Print Education, Research and Training.
The reason is simple: education in print is very minimal in India.
In the past few years, innumerable print managers and production heads have improved the efficiency and profitability of their firms, and created beautiful print products by attending the screen print course at DMI.
The main thing about DMI is the manner in which DMI challenges print persons to dig deep and make professional changes on the shopfloor.
I know of printers who say a course at DMI has helped in honing new breed of products in textile screen printing, industrial screen printing and even automobile graphics screen printing. These have contributed directly to the bottom line, including setting up print strategies plus combining newer value additions.
Some of the people who attended a course have said, the DMI programme has helped to become “100 per cent more efficient.” This could be in areas like halftone printing for glow sign on acrylics, or even enhancement on material like signboard, sun-pack, etc.
One of the great strengths of DMI other than Bhargav Mistry's passion about change is, the DMI team has made it a learning program that gives students of print the skills and capabilities to be a print leader.
There’s a major transformation happening in this industry. I feel, a vibrant, profitable and growing industry is emerging – but it will require skill development and knowledge sharing.
The DMI is about this.
I hope many more people can look above their own individual interests and send their team members to participate in the workshops and lec-dems at DMI which shall be re-opened with a an air conditioned, clean and complete humidity controlled training facility at its new location in Vasai.
DMI's workshops and hands-on-training kicks off on 8 June 2015. 
The first workshop in the new facility of DMI
Date: 8 to 10 June 2015
Topic: Advance screen printing process with UV special effects inks & varnish.
Special attraction: Wine bottle box; made from wooden substrate (MDF) which includes halftone screen printing with UV special effect inks and varnish.
Certificate screen printing; on paper includes multiple UV special effects inks and varnish (e.g. Glow in dark, thermocromatic inks, glitters, mirror inks, high density screen printing, micro embossing, various UV textures and much more.