Discover what type of a printer you are: Are you Djokovic or Federer or Nadal? Or are you Quentin Halys? - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

So what determines an Award? Two and a half lakh firms in India print, produce jobs, daily, round-the-clock. Why is it that only 24 succeed on the Awards night in October?

07 Jul 2017 | By Noel D'Cunha

Let me borrow an example from the game of tennis.

Some printers are like Rafael Nadal. They follow the "low error" and relentless stamina strategy that he abides by.

Others are like Novak Djokovic. A lot of flair and new skills.

Then there the others. Like the French tennis player, Quentin Halys who played one crazy shot which has gone viral on YouTube. He is creative and has a lot of flair. 

But do you remember his name? No.

There are others too: Frances Tiafoe, Denis Shapovalov and Karen Khachanov.

Why don't we remember their names?

Perhaps they lack the killer instinct for being a winner that belongs to a Nadal or Djokovic.

So, it's not just a matter of possessing talent.

It is also a matter of unlocking the talent.

It is about maximising it.

It is about winning.

Like Roger Federer who has phenomenal natural talent. Where the Swiss scores is, he has taken the practical steps of making the most of it.

That's how he won the Australian Open in January. Federer had lost six of the last eight Grand Slam finals he'd played against. Six months ago, Federer defied age, injury and Rafael Nadal to win the epic Australian Open.


Sometimes a winner needs to rewrite the rules.

Federer rewrote the rules of the game which heavily favours the young and agile with incredible speed and reflexes.

What Federer told Time magazine in an interview is a good marker to any print or packaging firm in India about what one can do.

"We mixed fitness and tennis. And at the end of October we were going kind of full out already, but in short bursts of time, not too long, not too many days in a row, always a sufficient break. Because I took six months off, I actually had sufficient time to get through all the processes we were looking forward to. Then at the end, all of December, I was going all out. It was just being clever with my scheduling, making sure I'm not getting hurt," said Federer.

Like Federer, a firm needs to look at other things: hard work, training, experience and strategy.

If you can accomplish complicated post-press work, in-house, so be it. If not delegate.

Top heavy management vs entrepreneurial go-to-market method.

Decide your approach.

Are you Sherlock Holmes, who will solve the case with style and panache and a bit of razzmatazz?

Or are you Kurt Wallander who will work hard and do solid policework?

Or are you Byomkesh Bakshi, who will do both? 

Which method do you follow? (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

All three approaches are do-able.

All three are ace detectives.

All three have a high success rate.

Therefore decide your goal!

Are you Quentin Halys, who is happy to participate in a Championship and once-in-a-blue-moon upset a tennis great?

Or you are participating for win the trophy?

For us at PrintWeek India Awards, all printers (like tennis players) are important.

But obviously, there can be only one winner.

Is it YOU? 

The other question, I am asked is: Define award winning!

A precise definition is impossible.

For example, when the PWI Award Jury sits down and looks at the 1500 samples, it is tough to say which one is creative, and which sample is technological.

Sometimes it's a simple matter of which is a bullish category.

Growth helps.

Since a client pours money into the product.

For instance, the fabrication work in photo albums or wide format is mind boggling. Likewise, the samples in print magazines and newspapers have seen a steady sort of print application.

But then, is an Award only a measure of the tech specs.

Which is why we audit the jobs.

Which is why we look at a print job from the point of view of YOUR customer.

Success as stated by your P&L.

Success as stated in a glowing letter from a customer.

Success is managing a large company.

Or personal success which is the feeling only YOU have when YOU know that a job has been well done.

All of the above.

Or none of the above.

Sometimes success can be Raymond Rubicam's edict, Resist the usual!

And be a part of a roomful of successful print firms in October.

The eight edition of PWI Awards witnessed 132 print firms across India participate

The entry for the PrintWeek Awards is now open, and you can send in your best print samples by 10 August 2017.

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