Die-cutter: Top Picks - Tokyo WenHong's WH-1050

Tokyo WenHong is a preferred global brand amongst manufacturers dealing with high-end production of cigarette and liquor boxes.

11 Jun 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Pamex 2015.
Eight installations so far; seven more scheduled until March 2021.
Equipped with a Japanese custom-made feeder to ensure stability and smooth sheet feeding, the machine’s forte is its robust model, easy operation, quick turnaround time and precision accuracy within 0.15-mm at very high speed. It comes with an additional attachment of hot foil stamping and stripping with both top feeder and lead edge feeder, especially for five-ply corrugation jobs.
Popularity quotient
Efficiency, speed, and stability. The machine can also be customised to a customer’s need.

Note: Zhongke India represents Tokyo WenHong in India