Dhwanil Shah: Necessity drives innovation

Dhwanil Shah of Manifold Graphics attended the Power Lunch at the MMS Roundtable (third edition). He belonged to the group, digital – value-addition. Shah spoke to the PrintWeek India team about innovation.

05 Mar 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Are we moving too slowly as compared to the other industries?
Yes. Due to factors like digitisation and heavy competition, our industry has entered into a stagnant mode.
Do you have to be much more innovative than your counterparts of a similar scale?
Definitely yes, there is a lot of competition in the market. We have to be innovative to secure our position in the market.
How do you cope with that, constantly learning new innovations?
With the help of the latest investment in the MGI, our dedicated team can deliver different products to our customers.
What is the most innovative skillset you’ve had to develop in your team?
No innovation is complete without perfection. We are developing a habit for perfection as a skillset.
In terms of creating innovation, do you invest in R&D in your organisation or you follow industry trends?
No. Mostly we follow industry trends.
What drives innovation? Is it a necessity or technology?
Necessity drives innovation. The customer always wants something different. This triggers a need for innovation.
How do you measure creative success within your organisation?
We measure creative success through customer satisfaction.
What are the key challenges facing your vertical in the industry?
There are challenges like shortage of skilled labour, plus heavy competition which leads to low-profit margins, and non-professionals entering the printing field  
One innovation in our industry you hope to see in 2030?
Low-cost inkjet printing in the commercial print segment.