Demand for convenience spurs innovative packaging in the food and drink market

Neha Nayak, innovation consultant at Mintel, discovers innovative packaging that takes consumption experience to the next level

28 Apr 2017 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Indian consumers are looking out for new and exciting experiences when it comes to food. Even at a global level, we have seen how consumers are becoming more experimental and are showing willingness to try out new things, especially the millennials. FMCG companies are catering to such consumers through innovative packaging and formats which enhance the consumption experience of products.

In the Indian market, we have seen an interesting new format launch within the hot beverage space. Smoor Chocolates from Bengaluru introduced the Stir It Up range, a single-serve block of chocolate on a stick that comes in three different flavours; Honey + Chocolate, Mint + Chocolate, and Mocha + Chocolate. This block of chocolate is positioned as ‘Hot Chocolate on a stick’ – essentially a stir-it-up product that can be consumed as a hot chocolate drink simply by stirring it in a glass of hot milk. This adds a layer of on-the-go convenience and is a premium product retailed at Rs 100.

 Source: Mintel GNPD

Price is no longer a concern for Indians as only 9% of Indian consumers say they would buy a snack product if it were inexpensive, according to a consumer study conducted by Mintel in 2016. Convenience is the other element that drives purchase of new formats. This also comes across through Mintel research where over half of Indian consumers who snack on dairy drinks do so for convenience. 
Source: Mintel GNPD

Incidentally, chocolate and malt powder brand Milo made waves across Asia with the Milo Energy Cube, a product that comes in a cube format. While Milo was always only available as powder or ready-to-drink options, the new Milo Energy Cube can either be eaten as is or thrown into a glass of milk for that pop of energy. Despite only currently being available in selected countries, the Milo Energy Cube has caused quite the stir on social media recently. 

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