Celebrate the season of love with 14 fun print mantras - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

The pressures of meeting deadlines and even more, delivering print at margins which are shrinking by the day, a printer’s lifestyle is becoming hectic. So we decided to serve you with a dose of fun that will get you excited. This St Valentine’s Day column is about some unassuming everyday happenings on the print floor, which will make you fall in love with print.

12 Feb 2016 | By Noel D'Cunha

Carton One met Carton Two at a party and asked: Wow. How did you die?

I tried to explain to my printer that no matter how much I tried to push the envelope, it remained Stationery

Book One met Book Two at a party and asked: What is this I hear? You are popping Tablets?

This printer I know produces beautiful maps. I tell him he has an incredible imagiNation

The other day a mighty fine lady walked into my cabin and asked if I can print a white lie?

A printer loved to take his customers out for a drink. He says, he is trying to raise their bar.

For a good printer, alcohol is not a problem, it is the solution.

The rarest colour to print is out of the blue.

I want to find a printer, who can print a moneyfesto.

My Nanny will accompany me to Drupa. She wants to see the hype about Nannygraphy.

You heard about the single colour printer who blacked out?

I didn't like to do UV at first. Now I am trying to cure my habit.

The supervisor was fired from the calendar printing company. All he did was take the Day off.

So, I asked the print pundit what is the value of producing a red tape.


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