Beauty, personal care brands seek packaging innovation

Using Global New Products Database, Minu Srivastava, beauty and personal care analyst at Mintel India, highlights some of India’s recent beauty and personal care launches that retail in innovative pack formats

18 Dec 2018 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Ikkai Organic Awesome Almond Face Scrub
The newly launched range of Ikkai face scrub by Lotus Herbals claims to nourish and make the skin fresher, brighter and lighter in a healthy way. Retailing in a 10g pack, the product comes in a gravure printed multi-laminate sachet and features a quirky graphic design on the pack.

Godrej Protekt  Mr Magic Powder to Liquid Handwash
The Mr Magic Powder to Liquid Handwash is said to be formulated with neem and aloe vera and comes in a powder format. It can be mixed with water to form a liquid handwash. The product retails in a primary pack containing 9g powder handwash in a flexible sachet and an empty bottle fitted with a nozzle pump. The secondary pack is a litho printed carton with a crash lock bottom and a tamper-evident feature. This innovative powder format in the liquid handwash category requires a relatively smaller pack size, saves on shelf space and is easy to transport.

Shahnaz Husain  Chocolate Plus Kit
Shahnaz Ayurvedics launched the Chocolate Plus Kit which contains an array of skincare products, including nourishing chocolate cream, rejuvenating mask and coffee bean scrub. The packaging comprises of a secondary carton box and three PET jars of 10 grams each. The secondary packaging looks similar to a festive gift box of sweets or chocolates, an example of category blurring between food and beauty, and a trend that is now crossing over from ingredients to packaging.

Global Beauty Secrets – Chocolate & Walnut Aztec Soap
The new product by Global Beauty Secret is said to infuse latest scientific knowledge to beauty rituals from the kitchens and courtyards from different cultures. The litho printed pack made with solid white-board carton has Aztec print art graphics, and features foil blocking process. It retails in a 100g recyclable pack.

I Heart Makeup Lip Lava – Molten Chocolate Liquid Lipstick
The liquid lipstick from Tam Beauty claims to be an intense liquid lipstick formulated with nourishing vitamin E and has a chocolate flavour. The lipstick comes in a tube format made of plastic and has a small brush pad to aid in ease of application of the product. Retailing in a 12ml pack, is printed using the silkscreen process, and to elevate the design the tube features foil blocking.

Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) is committed to delivering the highest quality, detailed data on new products in the food, drink, beauty, health, and personal care industries, among others. Mintel GNPD combines local and global expertise in 62 countries, and is able to track packaging-specific characteristics from products around the world to drive a company’s innovation process. The products featured in this article were selected by Minu Srivastava, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst, India, Mintel. For more details, visit