Bank on print to reach the masses: Mihir's Impressions

With Indian Premier League’s seventh season about to start in five days time, the teams have started bombarding the cricket crazy country of ours with wave after wave of media blitz in order to attract as many eyeballs as possible. Delhi Daredevils, in an attempt to redefine its under-performing brand image, has opted for a complete overhaul.

12 Apr 2014 | By Mihir Joshi

Hemant Dua, CEO, Delhi Daredevils, said, “We wanted to revisit and understand how the brand was and how it was doing at this stage of its life, and how the identity was resonating. We did a survey with our fans and stakeholders internally, and the key message that came out was that everybody likes the name Delhi Daredevils, but they could not connect with the identity. This was the key reasons to re-brand.

Our (new) logo resembles a kite, the idea being that it is moving upwards. Though you fly it, the control is in your hand. But sky is the limit - you can go as far as you want.”

Re-branding has been done by UK-based Futurebrand. They are design and copyright specialists that worked on the London Olympics logo and the Cricket World Cup 2015 that will take place in Australia.

Developing a merchandise range is very important considering the huge cost incurred in marketing.  The idea is to manufacture cricket centric inspirational and fashionable products that could be used by fans throughout the year and not just during cricket season.

The Delhi Daredevils are counting on a print-digital combine to present their new avatar and vision to the masses. They have lined-up various  digital and print campaign to reach out the people and increase brand awareness.

Nike Turkey’s Human Printing Press
Turkey is a notoriously laid back country; the Turks would rather relax in one of the numerous cafes then running a mile in the name of sports. In Turkey, participation in sport is among the lowest in all of Europe. To inspire activity, Nike Turkey launched the “Made by Movement” campaign, which aims to get people of Istanbul moving through a series of challenges. The high performers in these challenges will be rewarded of a limited edition print that was literally made by athletes in action.

This print is the centre point of the campaign in that it serves as incentive for participants and it is the physical manifestation of sport. Rather than simply designing a fly poster and printing it, Nike Turkey devised a human printing press wherein athletes in various sports contribute a single element to the poster. Cyclists use pedal power to fuel a conveyor belt; runners trigger an explosion of powdered ink; a boxer uses brute force to engage a patterned stamp; a footballer kicks off for an action shot; a skateboarder roles over the print to add a layer of type; cross trainers add an embossed swoosh; and a slamdunk generates a Just Do it stamp.

Knock Out soda’s innovative label
Knock Out, ever since its launch in 1984, Knock Out has evolved it’s brand positioning from strength to cold refreshment to establish itself as one of the largest selling refreshment drinks brands in the country. There are millions of consumers in the States of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh for whom the brand has come to acquire an iconic status.

Knock Out has used an innovative thermochromic label (A label that changes colour when it becomes cold) in the States of Maharashtra and Karnataka for its Knock Out soda. The label is produced using thermochromic inks which changes colour when exposed to heat and then changes back to its original colour when cooled. The unique label used by Knock Out turns blue, indicating the appropriate temperature when the beverage is chilled enough, for a refreshing experience.