Avery Dennison Innovation & Knowledge Centre in Pune

A centre with 16 partners provides a real-time experience of what goes into the making of a label– from PS label materials, pre-press, printing and converting, right through to label application

07 Aug 2018 | By PrintWeek India

Why a demo centre?
The idea behind Avery Dennison Innovation & Knowledge Centre (ADIKC), a state-of-the-art facility, was to provide in-depth insights into the development of a label, to converting and the final application process. Insights are imparted by offering practical and experiential learning at our centre, with the intent to expand the skills and knowledge base of our customers in the pressure-sensitive label industry.

Machines on the floor
At the ADIKC, to date, we have 16 partners, whose machines are used for demo purposes. We have the Gallus ECS 340 eight-colour UV flexo printing press; Esko CDI 25x30 imager, DuPont Cyrel Fast thermal developer 1000TD and DuPont Cyrel 1000 ECDLF; Reborn hot foil and flatbed die-cutter, Prati label slitter, Alpha Sonic anilox cleaner, register plate mounting and Zecher anilox rolls provided by Royal Coat; Univacco for foil; Rotometrics for die-cut tools; Flint for inks; X-Rite for colour management; Swedev for doctor blade; Meech Savotech for static control; Armor for thermal transfer ribbons, and HP.

How is it done?
At ADIKC, the training module demonstrates a real-time experience of what goes into the making of a label, beginning with right PS label materials, pre-press, printing and converting, right through to label application optimisation and troubleshooting. A mix of theoretical and practical experience is held over the course of two days, covering “Pressure sensitive label and converting technology”.

Focus on applications including design, graphics and finishing embellishments
We have a showcase which demonstrates the complete end-to-end process for the pre-press capabilities. At the same time, we also have specific software tools which help provides a digital, almost exact visual of how any label would look on an actual product with a different embellishment like, foiling and embossing.

Special program for training or skill upgradation
We do conduct an advanced technical program with specialised subjects, including technological advancements in PS label and converting, which are conducted by an external faculty and/or an expert from our partners.

Annual show or networking event at the centre
In collaboration with our partners, we host technical seminars several times a year.
Since its inception, more than a thousand customers, brand owners, students and industry partners have experienced the whole process of label conversion at ADIKC.
Outreach with print buyers and brand owners

Industry outreach is a key piece for us to establish a strong collaborative network with our industry partners, and it is important for us to understand the needs and requirements from print buyers as well as brand owners. 
Apprenticeship for students

We do provide certified training programs for students, which are organised in collaboration with an industry recognised association. The aim of the programs is to support our customers and the broader label and packaging industry with the development of skilled flexo operators. This is a month-long intensive training module focused on operating flexo printing machine and troubleshooting on the press.

At a glance

The facility showcases the following:

•    Gallus ECS 340
•    Esko CDI 25x30 imager
•    DuPont Cyrel Fast t 1000TD and 1000 ECDLF
•    Reborn hot foil and flatbed die-cutter
•    Prati label slitter
•    Alpha Sonic anilox cleaner, register plate mounting
•    Zecher anilox rolls
•    Univacco for foil
•    Rotometrics for die-cut tools
•    Flint for inks
•    X-Rite for colour management
•    Swedev for doctor blade  
•    Meech Savotech for static control
•    Armor for thermal transfer ribbons
•    HP

Avery Dennison Innovation and Knowledge Center Sanghar Warehousing, Gat No 26/1, 27, Pune-Nagar road, Lonikand, Taluka Havelli, Dist Pune-412216

Naveen Serrao