Augment your packaging reality, says Inspire

Exploring Augmented Reality-based storytelling and smart packaging with Holmen Iggesund’s latest Inspire issue

14 Aug 2021 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Sweden-based paperboard specialist Holmen Iggesund’s latest edition of half-yearly Inspire magazine (Issue 66) throws light on the smart packaging revolution. It highlights how the integration of digital technologies unleashes the potential of packaging and how a combination of print and digital is an alluring storytelling prospect. Thomas Janson, business development manager, Iggesund Paperboard, says, “Adding a digital layer in packaging can help inform and engage customers at several touchpoints along their journey, something that’s especially important now, during the Covid-19 pandemic. The increased transparency enabled by digital layers not only helps the customers to make a green choice but also increases safety, as it prevents counterfeiting of products.

The Inspire cover
Started in 1998, Inspire, produced by a Stockholm-based agency, aims to create inspiring reads by displaying the printing and packaging possibilities with paperboard. Each magazine cover is printed on a Holmen Iggesund product, using various printing and finishing techniques. As described in each magazine issue, the cover serves as a perfect print sample, unveiling the capabilities of the company’s paperboards.

Likewise, the latest magazine cover was printed through offset on the Iggesund product Invercote G paperboard. This edition’s focus was on AR-based storytelling. On scanning the barcode on the cover, the cover artist, actor and model Fab Fisher, illuminates the title What if Paperboard could talk.

“The new Inspire magazine explores the power of augmented reality and the smart packaging revolution. The tagline: What if paperboard could talk? makes us realise that the power of print has no boundaries. With the use of Augmented Reality, this Inspire issue cover really does inspire you to think outside the box,” says Hema Java of Java Paper. The Invercote G packaging applications mentioned in the latest publication include Francebased Cattier’s champagne, Rochas perfume and Japanese cosmetics company Kose’s Jill Stuart collection.

The packaging connection The packaging helps brands to interact with their consumers on a deeper and more immersive level. “The packaging should excite the customers, entice them to buy the product and also instil brand loyalty,” says Java.  She adds, “The role of packaging in protection and handling is just one facet. Nowadays, packaging has become more of a marketing tool for brands. The packaging is an extension of the brand image, and this must be incorporated in the package design and look and feel of the package.”

Rightly so, the packaging can help consumers learn new ways to use the product and enable them to make better choices with the help of important product information, such as ingredients, sourcing of materials and so on. And technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) optimises this packaging agenda. “With AR, brands can provide an engaging and sensory experience for its customers like never before. They can deliver information and excite the customer in many innovative ways. Brands can facilitate an emotional connection with consumers, which was not possible through traditional packaging.


The smart packaging revolution
With the advent of mobile phones, smart packaging is going to be omnipresent, says Java. And the recent digital and technological advancements are going to be the key enablers for smart packaging. Not only for consumer engagement or imparting information, but smart packaging also has unlimited potential. For instance, streamlining the supply chain and improving efficiency. “This showcases one of the best uses of sensors to acquire consumer feedback and collect important data,” she adds. The Inspire magazine highlights how easy and fun, smart packaging can be. “Just by using the QR code to direct to a specific mobile application, the brands use the platform to educate, engage with the customer and even promote sustainability,” she concludes.

Hema Java, Java Paper 

The new Inspire magazine explores the power of augmented reality and the smart packaging revolution. The tagline What if paperboard could talk? makes us realise that the power of print has no boundaries. With Augmented Reality, this Inspire issue cover really inspires you to think outside the box.