Amul print ads capture the essence of the beautiful game

Amul advertisements are iconic images of modern India. They more often than not are able to get the pulse of the nation with humourous puns on current events from all walks of life. “In principle my writer Manish Jhaveri and I who colloborate every morning, decide what is the key element of the FIFA we'd like to focus on every day. Say, yesterday's topical on the goalies. Or the previous day on Robben's fake dive. Manish then goes off and writes various optional lines looking at the

05 Jul 2014 | By Mihir Joshi

Amul kicked off the the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world with this ad, emphasising on the venue of the inaugural match.
Netherland's Robin Van Persie scored one of the goals of the tournament against the reigning champions Spain. This is pretty close representation of that goal.
Football crazy Brasil have their hopes pinned on the nimble footed Neymar. So far its been a bit of hit and miss. Amul aptly capture every Brasilian's emotion. 
The headbutt struck again in Brasil. Protugal's Pepe had a moment of madness, here is Amul's take. 
Holders Spain were unceremoniously dumped out of the World Cup. Amul took the opportunity to take a dig at their footballing philosophy

Suarez has a knack for being in the limelight for the wrong reason. His 'bite' was perfect fodder for people at Amul.


James Rodriguez has taken the World Cup by storm and currently sits on top of the goalscoring charts. Amul recognises the brilliance of the Colombian.
Simulation or 'Diving' has been widely used at World Cup to gain an unfair advantage by diving to the ground and possibly feigning an injury. Amul wasn't going to let this opportunity slide.

Mexico's Ochoa and USA's Howard have been nothing short of brilliant as the last line of defence. Unfortunately their heroics weren't enough to see their teams through.