Aamir Kherani: Companies have adopted different strategies

Aamir Kherani of Alpap Barring Technology says, "The year has been pretty unusual for everyone. For someone from the younger generation like us, it was a learning experience."

20 Jan 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Aamir Kherani of Alpap Barring Technology

2020 in review
As a company, we have made sure that none of our employees are affected by the pandemic. We are also motivated to expand the reach for our Phoenix blanket and I’m sure, soon we will be doing much better than the pre-Covid days. As a blanket supplier, we have introduced new conventional and UV blankets. When the money is tight, our blankets justify the price-performance ratio.

Doing business during pandemic
March was okay, as we worked almost the entire month. We were in complete lockdown in April. We have seen a good upward graph of sales from May onwards. Travelling restrictions were a problem but we are connected with our customers through Zoom and eMails.

Plans for 2021
Our plan for the next 12 months is to expand our reach for the Phoenix blanket distribution with our channel partners.

Most popular kit in 2020
We are doing very well with our product line of Phoenix blankets from Germany.

Investment stories
One of our customers has just purchased a KBA 105 for his growing international playing card demands. Every company has adopted different strategies at all levels and as we see it now, people are ready to invest if there’s a visible light at the end of tunnel.