51 Questions: Nikhil Warrier, Saptagiri Packaging

Think printed cartons, blister back-up cards, coordinated packaging across product lines, or critical product/colour matching issues, think Saptagiri Packaging. Housed in a 40,000 sq/ft facility at Dadra & Nagar Haveli near Mumbai, Saptagiri has a workforce of more than 100 employees and a large variety of equipment. With Nikhil Warrier at the helm of affairs, in the past five years, Saptagiri has invested over Rs 20 crore in plant equipment and technology.

18 Nov 2016 | By PrintWeek India

1. What is the story behind your firm’s name?

Saptagiri is the seven hills, also called Tirumala Hills near the famous Tirupati Balaji temple.

2. When was the last time a job got rejected?

During monsoon, few boxes were rejected due to leakage in the truck.

3. The one thing you like about label?

Inline printing, coating, stamping, die-cutting at high speed.

4. What is your favourite label?

Colgate SlimSoft, because of its holographic metallised effect.

5. Your favourite shrink sleeve or in-mould label?

We do not make shrink sleeve or in-mould labels.

6. If you could work in another label firm, which one would it be?

Huhtamaki PPL.

7. Can you change the anilox on your press?


8. What does inspection means to you?

Inspection determines if the material is of proper quality, quantity and condition as per specifications. The role of inspection is to verify and validate the variance data.

9. The best compliment from a print buyer?

The Green Channel Supplier Certificate.

10. Your most innovative label?

Colgate SlimSoft Tri-Tip.

11. The first thing you do when you see a label on a beer bottle?

Check printing quality, design, paper and pasting/ gumming strength.

12. Do you think the future of labels is huge?

Yes. Sky is the limit.

13. What is your favourite narrow-web label process?

We are not in narrow-web but in offset process.

14. The first thing you notice when you enter your shopfloor?


15. Toughest colour to print? Cadbury Purple? Bank of Baroda Orange?

PMS 265 Purple.

16. What are your least favourite things about labels?

Small quantities.

17. What was the one book you read about labels which is a must-read?

Encyclopaedia of Label Technology by Michael Fairley.

18. One comment by a print buyer that made you lament?

“Printing is horrible.”

19. What is the last thing you do before you exit the plant?

Check the next day load and schedules for production.

20. What jobs are you doing right now?

No comment.

21. If you were a press manufacturer, what would be the one thing you would do?

Reduce the price of the press and make it more affordable.

22. Your favourite ink?

Colgate Red.

23. Who is the one person you talk to on the phone whenever there is an emergency?

My partner.

24. Labelexpo India or Brussels?


25. Favourite post-press operation?


26. If you could re-print your hair colour on your press, which special colour will you use?

Jet black.

27. The last investment you made?

About Rs 1.5 crore during the last financial year.

28. What kind of investment would you like to make?

Brand new six-colour UV offset printing machine.

29. Tough to print, in summer, winter or monsoon?


30. Self-glue vs wet glue?


31. Favourite die-maker?

Zenith Die Maker, Bengaluru.

32. Favourite operator in your press?

Our printer Jagdish for his commitment to work and quality.

33. Favourite printing factory to visit?

The ITC Packaging Unit in Chennai.

34. What is the last factory you visited?

Bobst, Pune.

35. Do you have an invention which is your own?

Packaging box with spout for tea packaging; design patent registered.

36. Favourite sound on the shopfloor?

Printing sound of our high-speed offset press.

37. What is the longest run-length job you have produced?

One lakh sheets in one single run.

38. The shortest run?

2,000 sheets.

39. What is the special talent at your firm?

We are specialised in blister coating on printed surface to seal PVC/ PET blisters with the help of heat and pressure on manual or automatic machine. This is widely used for toothbrush, battery, toys, etc. They have good display advantage.

40. Favourite motto?

Work hard. Open your mind, arms and heart to new things and fulfil your dreams.

41. One rule in your firm which you repeat again and again?

Don’t be afraid to be different. That’s what makes you successful.

42. Favourite celebrity you would like to visit your firm?

Amitabh Bachchan.

43. ISO or FTA?


44. What’s your dot gain?

About 5%.

45. The first label press you saw?

Taiyo, Japan.

46. Which has been the toughest to print? Vignette or microtext?


47. Most stocked substance in your godown?

280 to 300 gsm board.

48. One set of standards which has set you apart from the competition?

Quality, perfection, on-time delivery and transparency.

49. What’s the comfort zone you would want a label designer to get out of?

If you are too comfortable, you are not productive and if you are too uncomfortable, you are not productive. So you have to stretch.

50. Favourite brand which uses a label best?

All whisky brands.

51. What would be the title of your autobiography?

6 +1.