1200 print professionals in nine years at DMI

Dhirubhai Mistry Institute (DMI) for print education, research and training, Grafica's industry initiative, reopened on 5 June 2015.

18 Aug 2015 | By Bhargav Mistry

On 15 August 2015, Bhargav Mistry, managing director of Grafica Flextronica and director of DMI, spoke about how DMI has provided hands-on training for 1200 print professionals across the globe who have benefitted and improved their firm’s efficiency and profitability by attending the screen printing course at DMI.
Excerpts from Mistry's message
On 15 August, India celebrated its 69th year of independence and DMI celebrated its ninth successful year giving freedom to screen printers by updating their knowledge, free of cost. 
The factors that kept our screen printers dependent were lack of knowledge and no access to practical training in advanced screen printing technology.
In the past nine years, DMI has given freedom to many professional screen printers and students to explore their creativity in advance screen printing, UV special effects, and print finishing. Now, DMI has taken the challenge to explore many creative ideas into textile/garment screen printing.
Since 1989 Grafica has been a backbone of the screen printing industry and has developed many high-quality screen printing machines for graphics and textile screen printers.
Our research and innovation in machinery has not only supported our country in saving foreign currency to a certain extent but have also given lots of freedom to existing and upcoming screen printers, especially in small towns and villages, who were having limited access towards automation in screen printing technology.
At Grafica and DMI, screen printers have the total freedom to access our free workshops and training programs, freedom to share their problems, freedom to get hands-on training from experts, freedom to see the latest techniques practical, freedom to learn from various high quality samples and freedom to experiment on their products using our innovative machines.
Screen printers, who are still struggling to achieve perfection in quality and want to learn the latest techniques in screen printing, participate in DMI workshops and training programs regularly. I urge the printers to send their staff and employees for training because they are the ones who need to upgrade their knowledge.
So, my dear screen printers, on this 69th year of independence I would strongly recommend you to participate in DMI Workshops and training program to give yourself total freedom to explore your creativity and give yourself freedom to grow.
More than 1200 print professionals in nine years at DMI have learned to become independent. 
DMI has won many national and international awards including ASPT and FESPA students' competitions. Several other print experts congratulated DMI for their noble work of educating printers with the sole objective of taking printers to International standard.