10 corrugation innovations from Jayna Packaging

Jayna Packaging loves corrugated boards, and is always looking for opportunities to create innovative, out-of-the-box products from these humble boards. Haresh Mehta of Jayna Packaging explains why corrugated boards are important and shares 10 innovative products Jayna Packaging made out of corrugated boards.

09 May 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Why do I like corrugated boards? Can I make a corrugated boat, which actually can float in the water? Can I dine in a restaurant where all the furniture is made of cardboard? Can my kids slide on the slide, which is made entirely out of corrugated cardboard? Can I make my retail store of garments out of corrugated cardboard? Can I make a sculpture out of this?

All these are made of corrugated board. Not only these, there are many more products which we use in our daily life, made out of non-sustainable material like wood, plastics, metal, etc can be designed and made out of corrugated board which are lightweight, durable easily formed, easily transportable, economical and more over its sustainable too, it’s today’s requirement.

Amazingly, corrugated cardboard is far stronger than the material it’s made of — the kraft paper. Its wavy flute-like structure sandwich between layers of kraft paper has enormous strength. It's an ancient architectural structure based on arches and pillars, which sustains great weight.

I just love the corrugated board material for its versatility, ease of converting, easy availability, and flexibility. Moreover, it’s not expensive at all to create many things. In fact, it can be a designer's dream material. It’s not explored the way it should have been globally to its limitless boundaries.

Predominantly, it’s used as packaging material globally. One has to have corrugated boxes to ship it to the wholesale and retail market. Of late, it’s making its way into the retail market as sales promotional products. The need of the day in modern trade marketing is replacing products made from metal, wood and plastics with corrugated cardboard. It has many advances — it’s economical; it’s lightweight; shipped in flat condition, save on transportation cost; easy to assemble; easily available and easily recyclable and sustainable.

I love the material for its many advantages. I’m passionate about corrugated boards. It’s telling you, ‘Hey make use of me, stretch your imagination beyond its boundaries, I’m with you’.

Here’s 10 innovative products Jayna made from corrugated boards

Corrugated bed 
To deal with the hospital bed shortage, we developed a heavy-duty disposable-recyclable corrugated bed (single bed for Covid-19 isolated patients). At the time, the number of hospitals and beds needed for Covid-19 patients were shooting up with the increase in cases being tested positive for the virus. Keeping this in mind, Jayna came up with a recyclable, lightweight and cost-effective solution — a medical bed made of corrugated fiberboard.

The lightweight bed can withstand up to 300-kg, and can be assembled easily. The bed can also be sanitised and withstand daily moping. Also, studies show that Covid-19 virus can survive for 12 hours on paper, whereas up to 72 hours on plastic and metal.


Cardboard furniture for Covid hospital
At the height of the pandemic, Jayna also offered disposable cardboard furniture for isolation centres, hospitals, clinics and elsewhere. The pieces of the furniture included cardboard chairs, cardboard stools, cardboard racks, cardboard dustbin, and cardboard desk.

The cardboard furniture is made of corrugated fiberboard. They are strong and lightweight; easy to assemble and dismantle; convenient to handle; can be sanitised; disposable and recyclable and foldable (supplies in knock-down condition). 

To reduce the risk of infection, Jayna developed a foot-operated sanitiser stand. This stand allows the user to use the hand sanitiser without touching the bottle with the help of a foot-pedal operated mechanism. This ensures that the bottle itself is not spreading the virus. An operating foot pedal means that the human skin does not come into contact with the dispenser, eradicating the risk of cross-contamination. It supports most bottle sizes with the help of an adjustment mechanism. The product comes with a storage facility for mask and sanitiser bottles and is easy to assemble, without metal pins and staples.

Cardboard cafe
This is India’s first cafe designed and made out of 100% cardboard. The design concept explores out of the corrugated board box thinking, unpackaged into a 100% sustainable corrugated board experience that advocates the usage of environment-friendly products and renewable energy to combat climate change.

Corrugated board is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It is an extremely versatile material, which exhibits excellent acoustical properties. The entire landscape of corrugated board, including the cavernous free flowing volumes on side walls, furniture, products, light fixtures etc. have been sculpted from corrugated board. One of the tables flowing out of the cavernous wall makes a unique structure with no legs support — a uniquely designed product.

All the cafe furniture is made out of 100% corrugated board, which includes two-seater chair along with two-seater table; four-seater chair along with four-seater table; six-seater chair along with six-seater table; bar chair; bar table; bespoke wall (cavernous free-flowing side walls); signage; cutlery box; bill box; menu card and shelves.


Corrugated boat
Jayna Packaging attempted the Guinness world record for largest cardboard by making a paper boat. The boat was made using 1,000 sheets using the interlocking technique. The cardboard sheet size used is 40x60-inches and is double-layered 5-ply 6-mm thickness.

The purpose of the project was to raise awareness regarding the water crisis present across the world. According to the press release, there are 844 million people with no access to safe water.
Cardboard is eco-friendly, as it is made out of recycled paper. By making such a huge sculpture with cardboard using recycling ideas, we can contribute to the cause of prevention of water pollution.

The boat was kept for display in the Somaiya College campus for seven days. Later, it was moved to various exhibitions and galleries to spread awareness regarding the water crisis.


Accept and adjust is the need of the hour, as we all are in the grip of a lockdown, but the show must go on even in this hazy weather — work from home. We, at Jayna, are always on-the-go to work out innovative solutions to meet new challenges — office at home. The solution is re-desk.

Re-desk is recyclable, revolutionary, re-thought traditional desk, derived from sustainable heavy-duty corrugated cardboard. Supplied in a compact flat-pack, it can be stowed away and easily stacked. It is light yet stands sturdy and tall. It includes add-on functions, such as an organiser, shelves, wire-grip for cables, a place for tea/coffee mug.


Loo box
The Loo Box is a recyclable toilet with a corrugated sleeve. This recyclable dry toilet is ideal for elderly persons and travellers as well as a perfect tribute to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The loo box is lightweight, it is foldable, it has an anytime, anywhere usage. And the waste can be disposed of in a clean and hygienic manner.

The kit consists of a portable commode and a sleeve for privacy. It also has compostable, biodegradable bags, hand sanitizer and tissues. It is lightweight, foldable and convenient to hold as a carry pack while travelling. It can be used anytime, anywhere during emergencies, when nature’s call cannot be ignored.

Jayna’s corrugated coffin helps perform a simple, understated burial. The cardboard coffins are environmentally-friendly than other alternatives, more affordable than heavy wooden coffins. These coffins help avoid trees being felled. Also, with corrugated boards, the burial would cost just a fraction of the conventional send-off. In that sense, a green burial is a perfect way for a person to exit planet Earth.


Slide for children
Our strong cardboard slide is super durable and safe. It’s also 100% recyclable when you’re done with it. You don’t have to go outdoors to use the slide. You can bring the playground home and use the cardboard slide at home.

Sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi
Cardboard, the material considered to be of very low value, hardly any strength. That’s how the product is known. But the same corrugated board, designed and used creatively, can offer amazing value. The sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi looks like a 3D printed design from plastic. Each layer is designed differently and glued together to achieve perfect alignment.