One-on-one: Swarnangka

The business head, digital imaging solutions (DIS) at TechNova spoke to PrintWeek India's Noel D'cunha about the company’s plans for India.

18 Feb 2013 | By Noel D'Cunha

TN has partnered with Konica Minolta. What next?

We have a very broad view of transforming analogue imaging to digital with respect to applications, segments and processes. We need to serve all immediate and anticipated needs of our customers. This alliance helps us in serving one part of the entire gamut.

What does the partnering with Konica Minolta give you in India?
An opportunity to serve our customers who need credible services to enjoy and leverage digital printing, a partner who has one of the best experience of winning technology transition (from films to digital printing), a matured and accepted product range.

What is the sense of ownership that TN will have selling Konica Minolta digital devices?
We will earn the goodwill of our customers with our relentless quest to make their digital transition joyful and effortless. And we will own the learnings that we derive from this journey to serve them even more effectively in their growing needs.

Are you focusing on completely new customers or existing Konica Minolta?
Our focus will be on our customers.

Is it right to say the Konica Minolta partnership was about market share more than new technology?
This is a marketing alliance and not a technical collaboration. Like all marketing alliances, the objective is to add value and fulfill customer needs in an exemplary manner.  Hopefully, this will result in a higher market share for our customers as well as our alliance.

How about re-training your team which to-date has catered to a geographical market which is primarily offset?
The core capabilities, such as knowledge of digital workflows etc already exist as our team caters to the largest installed base of CTP devices anddigital proofing systems. What is needed is infusion of specific product knowledge. We will ensure that our team is fully equipped to serve our customers flawlessly before we engage in our first installation.

What will be the strategy: revenue perspective or install perspective; bigger clients and projects or smaller players and bottom of the pyramid?
Our strategy would be to identify customers who can derive competitive advantages through addition of digital printing solutions to their existing offerings to their customers. We will offer Konica Minolta solutions to those segments for which Konica Minolta is best positioned to offer unique value.

Would you consider MIS, next for the mid-segment of the market?
We believe that our industry can hugely benefit through adoption of customised MIS.  We hope to help our customers embark on this journey when they are ready.

How do you expect the Indian print market to respond to this news?
Favourably, we hope!